Sunday, 7 April 2019

Biden Deep Dive, China, Ukraine. ITS ALL CONNECTED! Katie G uncovers the truth!

April 6, 2019

Katie G does another fantastic job in uncovering deep state operations in the Ukraine under the Obama administration, ie: with BHO's knowledge and approval. All of these bad actors are going down! I anticipate that a certain handful of them will face the death penalty in the future for treason! There was absolutely treason committed by dozens of heads of state, intelligence agents, "think tank" committee members and diplomats all working with the knowledge and approval of the former USA administration (2008-2016). Treason against The People has been committed big time by news agencies #FakeNews and by so many people whose names turn up again, and again, and again, perpetrating crimes against the people of the USA and President Donald J. Trump. Their crimes have been against sovereign nations of the world and all people of the world. This unveiling of corruption would make even Satan blush with embarrassment.

Stick with Katie G. It's a big story. The final conclusion will be that these bad actors are going down!  ... and they will go down hard !!!

Please also see the video I posted two days ago entitled:

Three breaking stories of greed, fraud, corruption, illegality - AOC, Beta O'Rourke + Creepy Uncle Joe's $$ 1 BILLION mafia-style leveraging against Ukraine's legally elected judiciary 2014-15 who was investigating son Hunter Biden's business interests in the Ukraine !!

Please share these news articles. The MSM is not going to tell the people what is really going on. It's up to us... That means you!  ... by sharing these articles and videos with your networks wherever you can. Thank you so much for your participation! #WWG1WGA  #GreatAwakening  #YouAreTheNewsNow

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