Thursday 7 March 2013

$350 Trillion Can NOT Pay OFF $1,600 Trillion in Debt !!

This video is a very simple to understand explanation of why the World Economy will not be able to continue on as it has been.  Figures are from 2008-2009, ie: they will be much higher now.

Derivatives: Why we WILL Collapse - No Way Out Now.

Uploaded on Sep 6, 2011
If you can explain how we get out of this one... I'm all ears. Derivatives are what caused Hank Paulson to declare in 2008 that "The West is Fuc&ed!" He understood then what I am explaining here. Prepare!

  • We all need to realise that there's not enough money & commodities (oil, gold, silver, grain... ) on the planet to pay off the "debt" that the financial institutions are demanding. 
  • The resources to pay off the debt are simply not there. 
  • Earth is a FINITE RESOURCE. The banking institutions have created  "money" (debt) out of thin air. It's not backed by anything at all. Therefore: 
  • It's simply not possible AT ALL to EVER pay off the debt. 
  • It's Not Possible !! 
  • The governments of the world need to wake up to this and STOP TRYING to pay back IMF and World Bank "debt" !!
  • The game is up. We see this corrupt system for what it is.

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