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"Izlel e Delyo haydutin" Bulgarian/ Bulkan folk song. Lyrics

Music Idol - Nevena Coneva Final

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2007

This is the final performance of the winner of the Bulgarian Music Idol. This is the folk song "Izlel e Delio haidutin" which is recorded on CDs and is on the spacecrafts Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 as a message of the mankind to other civilizations.

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Ancient lyrics. (difficult to translate apparently)

Izlel e Delyo haydutin,

haydutin enkesadjie,
s Dumbovtsi i s Karadjovtsi.
Zarochal Delyo, purochal
dari der skimnem aene,
aene kabadaylie.
- V selono imam dve leli,
da mi gi ne poturchite,
da mi gi ne poturchite,
chi ga si slezem w selono,
mnochko shtat mayki da plaknat,
po-mnochko, mladi nevesti.

Translation... Could someone translate this into English for me please? 
This is as best as YouTube translator could do:

Izlel e Delyo haydutin, 
haydutin enkesadjie, 
s Dumbovtsi is Karadjovtsi. 
Zarochal Delyo, purochal 
gifts der skimnem aene, 
aene kabadaylie. 
- In selon have two Leli, 
that we shall not poturchite, 
that we shall not poturchite, 
chi you're slezi w Selon, 
mnochko shtat mayki to plaknat, 
in mnochko young bride.

About this song – “Izlel ye Delyo Haidutin” (“Delyo the hajduk has gone outside”) is a Bulgarian folk song from the central Rhodope Mountains about Delyo, a rebel leader who was active in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The song is most famously sung by Valya Balkanska, a 1977 recording of which was included on the Golden Record carried on board the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes.

Валя Балканска- Излел е Дельо хайдутин

Uploaded on Mar 6, 2007

Valja Balkanska- Izlel e Delio hajdutin
Валя Балканска- Излел е Дельо хайдутин

Valja Balkanska is the original singer of this song who revived it in our modern times.

YouTube video comment:

+Laveta Osborne Hi there, I can give you some historical multicultural facts, about this song! It comes from a region within BG that is known with his multiracial diversification, however ( you can imagine) it is one of the most enriched cultural regions. So here goes explanation:

Bulgarians have been under 500 years of Otoman slavery (none of these years have breaken their/our spirit) and that is something you can hear in the bulgarian folklor music, it has affected us over the years and the music was the only way to express our mind and soul without being censored by the higher power which ruled the BG country at that time! The song is so complicated to understand (becouse of the time it has been a part of) that it has 3 different translations, if you insicist I can translate them but I would rather not right now  :)

Short film from the Bulkan

Стефан Захманов. Овчарска мелодия и хоро. Родопите.

Uploaded on Nov 12, 2008

Стефан Захманов.
"Овчарска мелодия и хоро"


Bulgarian Folklore. Rhodopes.
Rodopi Mountain
Stefan Zahmanov - The Old Kaba Gaida (Rhodope Bagpipe) Masters


  1. Came out rebel Delyo; rebel true grit; with fellow Dumbovtsi and Karadjovtsi; asking Delyo warning;the opressors and the tyrants; I have two aunts in the village; don't you date convert them; don't you dare convert them; don't make me come for you; your mothers will mourn you; and more so your wives.

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