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Peru's Q'ero Wisdom: Hugely Important Information

Ian R Crane NZ Lecture #4 24nov2012

Published on Nov 29, 2012
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Please watch, read and Share. Watch from 48:28 regarding Ian's June 2010 experience in Peru with the Q'ero people.  It gives much of the "why" things are happening as they are at the moment in regards to Earth's Changes. Please pass this transcript on to every one that you know on whatever forums you have available to you. It's taken me 2 hours to transcribe this few minutes because Ian talks so jolly fast... and because i'm not a judicial court typist !!  I believe this is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION that needs to be shared among humanity over the next few months. Please put this transcript and video out there. Please feel free to copy onto your forum. Please add a link to this page.  Thanks to Vinny Eastwood in Auckland, NZ. for posting this video on MRNEWSguerillamedia.  Kiwis do more than play rugby  : )

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57:20  ... [the Q'ero people of the High Andes] live a very simplistic life. They work on the principle that Pacha Mama provides everything that they need. Every time they find themselves in abundance, then they go into 'ceremony' which is to build these beautiful mandalas, and then package them and then burn them.  And this of course was lost to the world, because these guys were totally lost to the world for 400 years. Because they had been chased up into the High Andes by the Conquistadors. Everybody believed that the Conquistadors had murdered them, but they were living up in the High Andes at 16 and a half thousand feet.

59:01  "... Everybody is where they're supposed to be..."

59:30 -1:04:30  Alberto... confirms that everything that they told me is exactly what they told him when he first started talking with them in the 1960's...  the stories that they tell are exactly the same.

The reason they came out of the mountains in the 1960's is because they had counted off 25 generations, because they believed that their mission was to stay hidden from the world for 25 generations, and on the birth of the 26th generation, they came down to the 'lower world' to share their insights.

Their insight primarily is that the world is about to go through enormous changes. But we have a role to play. And they want to make sure that everybody as much as possible, understands that we have to participate in this process... They didn't know any of this because they've been tucked away for 25 generations: They said that, "The way that humanity is living on the Earth today is not sustainable... "

So something has to change, but we have to participate in that process...  So they make they observation, they said:  
"First of all, we have to literally participate as though the existing paradigm was going to continue, AND the only way in which we can bring about change is literally getting physically involved and doing as much as we possibly can in whatever way we can to help bring about those changes."  

But they said, 
"That of itself is NOT ENOUGH. Because the other thing that we have to do is we have to VISUALISE... we have to visualise..."  

... they're very definite here, it's not "meditate", it's VISUALISE; it's literally create "the quiet space" and visualise the type of future you'd like to see...  and it doesn't have to be the same vision all the time... you could just be visualising something for yourself, something for your family, something for your community, your country, for the world, universe, whatever ...

They say,
" ... it's very important that we don't get an existential attachment to a particular visualisation. Because if we did so, we might limit the outcome."  

Because, we are limited in terms of our perception in this limited realm. So having too much of an attachment may actually limit the ultimate opportunity. And what they make the observation is, is that:

"If we do both...  if we make the time... sit down and visualise they type of change that we'd like to see...  NOT THE WAY IN WHICH IT IS GOING TO COME ABOUT...  just, the visualisation of the ultimate goal as far as we can possibly take it, what we will find is that things happen in our physical, empirical, material lives, which actually help us to bring about those changes."

... It was June 2010 was when I was with them... And they said that this process would absolutely accelerate exponentially with effect from November 2011...  They said, 

"If you practice, what you will find is that from November 2011 things speed up."  

So I said, "OK. What is it that's going to happen in November 2011?"  Now, Alberto absolutely confirms that this is unadulterated, it's unchanged from what he heard from them 50 years ago:

"What is going to kick in is this massive solar activity." 

Now... Alberto says that he actually wasn't able to corroborate this until 1972, when he got information from NASA that there was indeed some massive solar activity expected between November 2011 and May of 2013.  And then just after I came back from Peru, I read this, from an old edition of "New Scientist" and it said:

"Solar activity is known to influence human consciousness. Solar flares effect the central nervous system, the stomach lining, all brain activity including equilibrium, along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological, mental, emotional, physical response... Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worried, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, forgetful, have heart palpitations, feel nauseous and queasy...  to have prolonged head pressure and headaches."

1:08:25   "The more we visualise, the more we can create the future."   - Amit Goswami

Anastasia of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" says the same.  Here is a quote from Yuri Smirnov, Editor of "Space of Love" magazine on this subject of Co-creating and visualising Our New Earth:

We believe that a Space of Love co-creation is like childbirth. Two people, a man and a woman, meet. Each of them has their very own inner imagery, and so, two minds meet, with two dreams and two visions. And if they match in general, a deep mutual attraction arises based on mutual feelings, inspiration and the strong desire for a joint creation. Then, the two sets of visions merge into one joint vision and complementary thoughts of each begin to further strengthen this joint image-making activity. Thereafter comes a period of further comprehension, assimilation and development, joint planning, refinement and the adjustment of the now combined dream-imagery. And at last, when the dream has matured, it comes to birth in the world and the dream’s realization and embodiment begins.

We believe that nothing in our material world comes into existence accidently, or by chance. Everything is preceded by a sincere, pure and strong dream-desire - or just by the, oftentimes unwanted, unconscious effects of manifestation. Our conscious dream initiates a chain of events in the material world, tying together dream and reality, and will in time result in the dream's realization...   

- Yuri Smirnov

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