Thursday 8 November 2012

Nibiru Planet X - Visible at Dawn

ALERT!!! 13 Year Old Child Sees NIBIRU! Explains!

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My child came home today and told me what she saw this morning while waiting for the school bus. Her voice was shaking as she described it and my heart was pounding! I have asked her permission to retell what she saw. She has no need to lie about this and in no way have I pushed my belief of its existence on her. I have never, up until now showed her my videos. I have kept her identity hidden. I will tell you that she is extremely intelligent with a 4.0 gpa. She can tell the difference between the moon and sun. Also note, I decided to show her my WTF Moment video whereas she immediately confirmed that's exactly what she saw. I will not tolerate insulting comments about my child so if you do so, you will immediately be blocked. We must get the word out. Thank you and God bless us all! *Southern U.S.

Also if you have a question to ask her that I didnt then I will ask for you. This is what I believe I saw a few months ago.

WTF MOMENT!? PLaNeT x? Sunrise!

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6:30 am sunrise. I've filmed sunrise many times never to see this. Sorry for cheesy radio song-get over it. This was filmed in the southern United States.

Paused at 21 seconds, the SUN is shown on the POLE! Does that mean the SUN is a lens flare as well? Lets just say that everything in the video is a lens flare.

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