Friday 2 November 2012

Blue Kachina beside the sun ???? November 2011

NIBIRU seen in CHINA Oct 31, 2158 UTC 5:58pm EDT Nov 1, 6:58 JST - Long March 2F carrying 

Uploaded by  on Nov 29, 2011
This is " The Hopi Blue Star Kachina " from The Hopi Prophesy, It is the "Nibiru" from Zecharia Sitchin Writings, It is The Dogon Sirius "B" inhabitants The Nommo, Naga, The Annunaki, The Gods of Old, The Elohim, Back in The Day! May Yahushua, Bless Us All and Carrys us through this, which is to come! Thank You All.

This video is a year old, but nonetheless....  is rather interesting  :-/   The blue image near the sun starts at around 08:30

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