Friday 11 May 2012

The Land is My Home

  • We pay for land
  • Why is this ??  Think about it for a few moments...  Why do we pay for land ??
  • Did the person I gave money to for my land, pay for the land before me? Maybe...
  • Did the person before that, and before that, and before that...  pay for the land ??
  • At some point, the answer will be "No"
  • Well...  how did they "get" the land, since at some point, they didn't pay for it...  or if they did pay for it, they would have got it at 'bargain prices'... a box of matches, a few blankets and a bag of flour thrown in for good measure !!! ??
  • Well...  I guess in many cases, they came in and took it by FORCE !!
  • Ah...  so now we get closer to the truth...  WHO TOOK IT BY FORCE ???
  • Ummmm....  that would be the Queen of England, not Elizabeth II but Victoria, right ??  Or perhaps it was "The Crown Corporation" from the old City of London (1 square mile) where all the banksters have been operating out of for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, since the time of the Roman Empire... ???
  • So when settlers started to move onto the land and started paying for the land, as they'd been used to doing in England, Who Got Paid ????

  • Ahhhmmm... So that would be the Queen? Or the royal family? Or perhaps it was those twisted Jewish bankers (Nathan Rothschild is said to have sired some of Victoria's children), who in collusion with the Vatican, had the whole legal and banking systems all tied up by 1302 AD. See links to the City of London 1 square mile aka "The Crown" and the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) - English law.

  • Does it not seem "reasonable" that those who sent the ships across the seas 12,000 miles, who paid the crew and fed them, who paid for the muskets, a doctor, a priest... Why would the 'spoils' of trade not be returned to those entities? Why would they not be the ones to reap the financial investments of colonising Australia and New Zealand? Whoever puts up the capital for such a voyage would surely be the ones to reap the benefits. This is business. All you need is a good sales pitch and the sheeple flow into the paddock. eg: NZ was pitched as the "Land of milk and honey". In reality, all there was in NZ was rain and mud.

Note: Colonisation by "The Crown Corporation" makes complete sense. They were the only ones to have any money - made off the back of the Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815). If the British and Dutch Royals DID have any money to create colonies in the Antipodes, they would have sent ships out to Australia and New Zealand soon after Abel Tasman discovered these lands in 1642 and 1644. They did not. It was to be nearly 200 years before any investor had enough funds to back the colonisation of Australia and New Zealand. The 'give away' that it really was "The Crown Corporation" City of London banksters and Freemasons is this: The first colony they set up, was a PENAL COLONY... set up in Van Diemen's Land... now called "Tasmania" in Australia. After this was established penal colonies in South Australia and New South Wales, Australia. And why is this a 'give away' ?? Because the lawyers, the magistrates, the bankers of England, are all part of the same brood... They ALL emerge from the old "City of London". This is where Freemasonry, formerly known as "The Knights Templar", had been running out from.... and still does today. They are all part and parcel of each other. Undoubtedly, they are still in service to The Vatican (whether they know it or not) as was the pledge of the early Templars. Which is why in the symbolism of the Pope's 3-Crown 'Papal Tiara' there is the presumption of holding "All Lands, All Peoples, All Souls". It's such a sordid story...

Please see my other blog started in February 2013 called, "The Enslavement Deception". There's many more articles on that blog about the "ownership" scam. eg: Search > Cestui Que Vie Act, City of London, The Crown, on that blog >> 

Roman Church Pope assumes ownership of all Land, People and Souls!

Here's my declaration and my awareness:

Note: The "1969 White Paper"

The stepping stone to a New World Order - One World Government, removing all Lands, all Natural Resources from the Indigenous Nations and WHO YOU ARE....

Complete Decolonization placing the voices of the people above Government is the only solution through "The Great Law, The White Roots of Peace" in stopping the NWO, One World Government and all CORRUPTION.

Video: Decolonize Open Letter to AFN Shawn Atleo, Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Elders, Clans and all Nations

Published on Jan 12, 2012 by decolonize north america

Reminder of the "1969 White Paper" - The stepping stone to a New World Order - One World Government, removing all Lands, all Natural Resources from the Indigenous Nations and WHO YOU ARE....Complete Decolonization placing the voices of the people above Government is the only solution through "The Great Law, The White Roots of Peace" in stopping the NWO, One World Government and all CORRUPTION.

January 12, 2012 Open letter to: The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, Shawn Atleo, Clan Mothers, Elders, Clans and all other Nations

2012 will either be a new beginning in true democracy and justice for all or the final implementations of a New World Order, a One World Government through the continued execution of the "1969 White Paper" and the step by step dismantling of your authority as keepers and caretakers of these lands, natural resources including your reservation lands and your Treaties.

We come to you to awaken you to the truth, even if you refuse to see it, hear it, or acknowledge it and to warn you to beware and be wise. Whatever happens in the next few months or the next few years will be of our own doing, only we bear full responsibility as Peoples of the Earth. Whether we act upon the facts of the New World Order publically spoken about by World Leaders and Presidents for the last 20 years of its final implementation or not, is each of our responsibility.

As Creator beings, we are each accountable not only for ourselves through our actions, but for our families and all of humanity, the Earth and all life. The time to react is now before it is too late. The "1969 White Paper" drafted by Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jean Chretien, then further implemented by Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and now, Stephen Harper was a stepping stone to a One World Government which has been continuously implemented through the duplicity of false pretenses which all now makes sense, when seeing the bigger picture of a New World Order, One world Government.

The North American Union has been formerly negotiated through the Free Trade agreements since 1985 and now completed with the signing of the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreements. The next step is to attach us to the South American Union, then the EU and China with Australia, etc., all under the pretext of Trade negotiations. This will be the completion and success of their One World Government of the North, East, South and West, enabling them in controlling everything and everyone worldwide. You and we, will be at their mercy even more than ever if we persist in doing nothing and believing their words.

We must once and for all take action in stopping the One World Government as it is led by corporations and the elite and heads of Governments and not the People. You, hold the key to World Peace, respect and prosperity not just for a few but for all of humanity. You always have through the "Great Law" White Roots of Peace.

Your ancestors knew the true Creator; this is why they could communicate with all life. They understood nature, love and respect for all living things. Many of you were given the tools by them to continue and to teach this to all for the next Seven Generations. Some way, somewhere it has been lost or forgotten or not known or simply ignored.

The Haudenosaunee Five Nations Constitution "The Great Law" in your roots is the greatest asset and tool the Earth and Humanity has and will ever see. The moment that the People forgot the true Creator and who they were through the duplicity of those who took part and that have succeeded at removing the inner power of the good mind, the strength within your communities and your peoples voices from being heard through the original roots of the Constitution and the Great law, by implanting "bought and paid for" representatives was done to keep you from your true connection to Creator and then proceeded in separating you and us all, from the true meaning of life and true peace and democracy here on Earth. And this is our greatest downfall if we continue to allow it to happen.

The Indigenous Original Peoples as North American Sovereigns and we as Canadian and United States Citizens can stand together and stop this new world order through proper Decolonization from the Colonial system and all that the governing bodies are attached too and of which they themselves have implemented within the United Nations Decolonization Declaration of 1960 in unloading nations they no longer had anything to take from except for those countries and peoples they could take and steal from. 

For more, please listen to the entire video...or to view the Open Letter go to: or or to http://www.livestream/decolonize for the worldwide solution in the next few days. Education and knowledge is crucial.

* * * * * 

After listening to this video, please see how "the veil" has been lifting since July 14, 2014  (14-7-14) magic numbers:
Ascension's Song
Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

A Literal Translation of "Cestui Que Vie"
The Holy Roman Empire 488 - 1803 AD
Masonic Symbols Repeatedly Appear: Olympics 2012

In summary:  
  • I do not have to pay for land.  It just is, just like "I" just AM. 
  • Where I put my feet is my home, free of charge. 

A message to the Bankster Fraudsters
  • I do not have to pay you bastards for any land. It is not yours to sell !!  
  • I will not buy from you what is mine as my birthright.  
  • Go stick your mortgage. 
  • I refuse to pay you for land that was NEVER inherently yours in the first place.  
  • Land is for ALL to use...  for Every Body !!  

- Bronny NZ. May 11, 2012.

* * * * *

Updates September 15, 2017. Three new videos from Alosha Lynov on YouTube

Do Banks = Governments really really care for us

Published on August 16, 2017 by Alosha Lynov

The short answer is not at all, their main agenda is to divide us, vaccinate us (49 vaccines for a 6 year old child in USA) and turn us into slaves & drones that serve their monetary needs.

What does creation of money have to do with your birth record ?

Published on Aug 20, 2017 by Alosha Lynov

In this video I open the biggest and most rotten can of worms, that is responsible for 98.7% of ALL SUFFERING currently happening on our planet ! In this highly educational video you will discover the truth behind money creation, and what really backs it up now that we are off the gold standard.

This very thing is causing 98.7% of all suffering on Earth

Published on Aug 25, 2017 by Alosha Lynov

Here is a second educational video about what is really happing with behind the scenes with Banks and Governments. How they entangled us unknowingly into their clever "spell". Watch this video to start liberating yourself from this unfair and unjust system they created for us.

* * * * *

These are the names of the British Monarchs who stole my ancestral land from me in the Isles of Albion, Eriu, Cambria, lands of the Picts and Scots, that had been my birthright. 

This is not cool. Now that i'm waking up, I feel really annoyed about this !!!


House of Normandy1066-1087   William I, King of England (1027-1087)
1087-1100   William II, King of England (About 1058-1100)
1100-1135   Henry I, King of England (1068-1135)
1135-1154   Stephen, King of England (c1096-1154)
House of Plantagenet1154-1189   Henry II, King of England (1133-1189)
1189-1199   Richard I, King of England (1157-1199)
1199-1216   John, King of England (1166-1216)
1216-1272   Henry III, King of England (1207-1272)
1272-1307   Edward I, King of England (1239-1307)
1307-1327   Edward II, King of England (1284-1327)
1327-1377   Edward III, King of England (1312-1377)
1377-1399   Richard II, King of England (1367-1400)
House of Lancaster1399-1413   Henry IV, King of England (1367-1413)
1413-1422   Henry V, King of England (1387-1422)
1422-1461   Henry VI, King of England (1421-1471)
House of York1461-1483   Edward IV, King of England (1442-1483)
1483   Edward V, King of England (1470-aft1483)
1483-1485   Richard III, King of England (1452-1485)
House of Tudor1485-1509   Henry VII of England (1457-1509)
1509-1547   Henry VIII of England (1491-1547)
1547-1553   Edward VI of England (1537-1553)
1553-1558   Mary I of England (1516-1558)
1558-1603   Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603)
House of Stuart1603-1625   James I of England (1566-1625)
1625-1649   Charles I of England (1600-1649)

These are the names of the people who have stolen our inheritance as Free-Dwellers, upon the colonised Lands of Mother Earth since 1650 AD.

House of Stuart restored1660-1685 Charles II of England (1630-1685)
1685-1688 James II of England (1633-1701)
1689-1694 William III & Mary Stuart (1662-1694) (jointly)
House of Orange1695-1701 Willem III van Oranje (1650-1702) (sole ruler)
1702-1714 Anne of Great Britain (1665-1714)
House of Hanover1714-1727 George I of Great Britain (1660-1727)
1727-1760 George II of Great Britain (1683-1760)
1760-1820 George III of the United Kingdom (1738-1820)
1820-1830 George IV of the United Kingdom (1762-1830)
1830-1837 William IV of the United Kingdom (1765-1837)
1837-1901 Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819-1901)
House of Saxe-Coburg1901-1910 Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1841-1910)
House of Windsor1910-1936 George V of the United Kingdom (1865-1936)
  (a Saxe-Coburg of Germany until 1917)

1936 Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (1894-1972)   (uncrowned)

1936-1952 George VI of the United Kingdom (1895-1952)

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