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UFO Evidence: We are not alone

UFO - 'HUGE' SPHERE RIGHT ABOVE ME - Melbourne April 18 2012.

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ISS was at the southern point of Tasmania heading towards the south island of New Zealand when this footage was taken. Appeared right above me. I have recorded the ISS several times, but this object is not a complete sphere as the ISS appears.

I really like this channel Lou20764.  He regularly posts unusual and compelling videos. Subscribe.

Alien Abduction Exerience / Little Star & Peter Pan - First Encounter - (1 of 1)

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An "alien abduction" experience in 1974 brought me into contact with a 3 year old human, female, child on board an "alien" space craft. During that initial encounter she demonstrated incredible acts of levitation. The ongoing contact with this remarkable individual has now spanned over 35 years, always in an "alien" environment and at times observed by "alien beings", which also included interaction with "alien/human hybrid children". This contact has now progressed beyond the "alien" environment into a very human, Earth based location.

Steven Jones is a pretty great person. I believe his experiences are real. Subscribe for Steven's updates.

UFO creates cloud and shocks city in Russia, 23 December 2011

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Cloud making UFO brings Russian city to standstill, video

Michael Cohen

A cloud emitting UFO has brought an entire Russian city to a standstill, overshadowing Christmas and New Year celebrations and leaving residents perplexed and seeking answers from local politicians (see video below). The event took place yesterday in the southern city of Trekhgorny, located in the Chelyabinsk region near Russia's border with Khazakstan. Reports are filtering in claiming that nervous community leaders have already relayed messages to Moscow's Science Ministry asking for clarification as to the nature of the UFO witnessed and filmed. The event is significant in that Trekhgorny, created under Soviet rule, is a closed city and non-residents are forbidden entry unless in possession of a formal invitation from friends or family, approved by local authorities.

UFO Zone: Russian Enigma draws alien hunters, psychics to Urals

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Each year, thousands of UFO hunters and scores of scientists come to the Urals to study unexplained phenomena. But is there any explanation for the paranormal activity in this region? Where are the UFOs coming from?

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