Thursday, 10 May 2012

The dream of inundation

Life at this time is a 'high call' for any soul-being... in the context of imminent collapse of any of our modern systems ~ communication, government, finance, oil/ food production & transportation... 
There seems to be two main 'callings':  (1) to be practical and physical, eg: planting food crops  (2) to open one's crown chakra and be 'in touch' with those higher frequencies.  It's not some fluffy New Age bargaining chip is it ??  "Come and join the happy free people."  Myself ??  I'm seeing lots of mud-caked gumboots  : )   Might this be the 'call' for this hour of history perhaps ???
I had a very strange dream last night...  I'd usually add these in Dreams and Visions group... but I feel like this one belongs here.
I was living in what looked like a large stone mansion or castle on top of a very high hill along with many other people. The castle looked out to a wide valley in the West and to the sea in the North. Most of the people who lived in or nearby the castle on high ground went to work every day in the valley below... food crops, animals and so on...
There was an 'awareness' among the people that a large corporation, a mining company was coming to drill or 'blast' in the area. We weren't sure how far up the valley they would come, ie: how close they would come to the coast. On the particular day in question in my dream, we began to hear low rumbling booming sounds from further up the valley. Many people had already gone down into the fields. A hundred or so people were left up in the castle. The explosive rumbling noises came closer, very quickly. It felt all wrong. We could see the people down in the valley with concerned faces, and some of them began to climb the hill again, others kept on herding sheep or picking fruit.
I was aware in my 21st Century mind that the operation that was going on was 'fracking' - or hydro fracturing of the bedrock of the earth and capture of any oil and gas that arose from this mining practice. It felt very, very wrong...
Suddenly, and most unexpectedly (we hadn't been looking in that direction), a displaced sea began to pour across the land as if the very height of the land had been lowered by some metres because of this mining activity. We saw people running with the look of disbelief on their faces.  Some of us had climbed down to some nearby terraces and were yelling at the people (still on the dry ground) that they were in danger. The water surged across the land at great speed and in fact, began to fill up the valley. The water rose higher and higher... and those of us down on the terraces rapidly made our way back up the hill and to the high outer courtyards of the castle. The water kept rising... and it was only when the sea-water began to lap around our feet that we realised that we needed to get inside the castle walls.  Our wet scramble to safety was a very short distance... but once on the dry stone steps and within the stone walls of our sanctuary, we stood looking out in amazement and horror.
What ???  How had this happened... What ???  No words could be spoken that could convey the marvel, the horror of what had happened over this brief 10 or 20 minutes. The water had stopped rising and lapped around the castle's margins... and now lay as an ocean all around the castle. We were all on high and dry ground... but what of the others ??? ... gone, gone, gone  : (   Women, children, animals alike ...swept away by the unexpected torrent of seawater that had engulfed our little valley.  
The people gathered around and we discussed...  What had just happened?  What did this mean?  What caused it...  just the mining operation?  What do we do now?  And that's where my dream left off... 

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