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ARRESTED: Director for Senate Intelligence Committee James Wolfe via JW

Image source - June 9, 2018 article.

Convicted senate staffer James Wolfe gave New York Times reporter Ali Watkins a full copy of the
"Russia collusion" FISA warrant in 2017 

- Judicial Watch (JW) brings "Dark to Light" !!

Staffer James Wolfe was having an affair with reporter Ali Watkins.

Published in Conservative Daily Post - July 24, 2018 (excerpts on this blog)
by Martin Walsh


New York Times reporter Ali Watkins’ phone and email records were secretly seized in February as part of "the leak" inquest. James Wolfe leaked the full application used by the FBI under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to obtain a spy warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page to reporter Ali Watkins who he was romantically connected to.

The FISA application leaked was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant to spy on Page, who was accused of being a Russian asset.

On Saturday July 21, 2018 the Department of Justice released three FISA applications on Carter Page after Judicial Watch won a lawsuit to have the documents made public.  The released documents show Wolfe leaked the 82-page application to Watkins in early 2017.

Wolfe was indicted last month for leaking classified information. Wolfe and Watkins were romantically involved for several years. Wolfe served as a staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Wolfe is 57-years-old, and Watkins is 26-years-old.

It is likely that reporter #2 is Ali Watkins.

“82 text messages” were sent from Wolfe to Reporter #2.

Wolfe sent 82 text messages to Watkins, one text for each page of the FISA application that the Committee had in March 2017.

This information is crucial to understand because it shows how far many individuals are going to harm the Presidency of Donald J. Trump - for the sole purpose of advancing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. 

But, democrats claim this information 
is too sensitive for the general public?

This case, brought to the light by Judicial Watch, shows how interconnected the media, lawmakers, and congressional aides are. This case highlights how closely these "bad actors" work behind the scenes to generate anti-Trump propaganda for an anti-Trump agenda!

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Full story here on CDP

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