Saturday, 14 April 2018

Syria: Who benefits from protracted war? "War is business" - Betsy Ross AIM4Truth

Video: Syrian Lies and Propaganda
American Intelligence Media - Published on Apr 13, 2018

Betsy and Thomas review the Syrian situation and the many forces involved.

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The following is a map of the above video that you can follow while the video is running. The details described in this video are complex. A visual like this can help us keep up. The first map shows you the whole layout of the component parts talked about by Betsy and Thomas. It will be possible for you to copy-paste these pages as images and print them on your home printer. This will enable you to create a wall-chart of your own so you can help explain this very complicated Syria situation as Betsy and Thomas describes it, to your family and friends. I hope this helps you as you continue to awaken family and friends around you - BronnyNZ

Key to the map layout. 

I've added a full-sized version of this map at the end that you should be able to read. This first map is just to let you see the design of this particular map and get your bearings for all component parts laid out following. Ie: you probably won't be able to read the text on this map, even if you do enlarge it..

Note: On desktop PC and probably laptop, use Ctrl + (plus) to enlarge your screen. To reduce your screen size again, use Ctrl - (minus). Click on the image and depending on your device, you should get an enlagement. Use Ctrl + to magnify to your liking. Use F11 for full screen. Use F11 again to come out of full screen.

 1) Introduction - What is Trump really doing about the Syria alleged "gassing"? Where does the USA get its military "intelligence" from? Is that "intelligence" worth a piece of toast?

 2) What kicked off the Syria "gassing attack" false flag last week? What is the connection of the British Crown? Who are the players?

3) Enlargement - bottom right corner of the map.

4) This is the next part of the video. This map fits on top of the one above.

5) More detail about SERCO connections to the British monarchy. To match up these maps, look for the node at the top of the following: "Thomas AIM says: British-stages event so they could move mercenary armies."

6) The French, British Petroleum (BP), Russia-China, Iran-Iraq-Kurdistan oil game. This map fits on top of 4).

7) The bankster game >> child trafficking (orphans of war), sex slaves, selling of body parts, use of American soldiers (sons and daughters) to fire the amunition to make money for the banksters. This map fits onto: "Trump asked his military: What are the targets?" of map (6).

8) Whole map in enlaged size. You might be able to see this as a whole map depending on your device... Good luck.
Maps by BronnyNZ

If you use these maps on your own blogs or websites, please give attribution back to this blog article. Thanks.

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