Saturday, 7 April 2018

FACEBOOK is still BLOCKING ME from rejoining 5 weeks after 1st expulsion.

It's got nothing to do with "security" and absolutely everything to do with keeping me off Facebook.

I made a new account this morning and got this message. The first time, I didn't take screenshots. This time I did - so I can show you the bs that's going down. 10 hours later, I still have no response from Facebook to see if they accepted my new account.

I decided to make another account just now. Everything went through as before...  and then 15 minutes later, Facebook tells me that they've detected suspicious activity. The screenshots above are of my second attempt just now to get back on.

... Now what "suspicious activity" would that be that gives Facebook so much need for concern?

  1. Adding my profile - following Facebook's prompts for High School, occupation, Hometown, etc.
  2. Making 3 Friend requests... again - following Facebook's prompts for people I might know
  3. Joining the group "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan +related articles stage 2".
  4. Having a chat in messages with Thomas Mead, the Admin of "stage 2" group
  5. Making a post on the group of my article that I wrote today >

Who is running the Q Anon account? Why is CodeMonkey still archiving FAKE Q?

Why is Facebook so adamant that they must keep me off their platform?

Is my mouth really that big?  Probably.

Am I such a threat to the huge institution that is "Facebook"?

I betcha the pedos never get the run-around like this...

Facebook apparently, is terrified of The Truth getting out...

OMG !!!  "That's terrible."  *feigned shock-horror*

Please keep sharing posts from this blog. This blog has also been shadow-banned. Please see the graph. I get the feeling that the information i'm producing is cutting right to the bone for these organizations.  They really don't like people talking about the "Swiss Pharaohs", the American shadow government - the SES, nor that Nikolas Cruz is innocent.

Please search all of these key words in the Search on this blog...  and keep following these rabbit holes. There's a lot that we need to learn and unlearn.

Love to all,

Update - 15 minutes later:

And BINGO !!!!!  My /bron.tunebing account has been removed.

Hell !!!  Those bots definitely have me in their "naughty list"  :-/

Yeah...  I'm really really dangerous !!!!  Beware !!!!

Facebook has to protect itself from 57-year old grandmothers.

#Cucks  Obviously taking their marching orders from higher up  :-/

Gutless wonders.

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