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Barack Obama connection with Marina Abramovic and James Alefantis

Image source - Q posts #1206. Her eyes look dead; His look rapacious.

"Hussein" with a young girl alternatively called "Maggie" or "Wendy". Note the elastoplast on the left middle finger of Obama, just like we see in the image below of John Podesta.

Image source - Q posts #1213. Here she is again. Who is she? What is the relationship?

The Q posts keep on coming... My own personal position on Q? I view very objectively.

I think many of us have now seen Q posts that have not been true - eg: HRC was not arrested in November; the Podestas are giving lectures in April at Yale University (ie: not arrested); we clearly cannot "trust Sessions"...  Many, MANY other Q posts are absolutely true. Therefore - take that which is useful and leave the rest. ie: Don't go in blind. Don't become a "Q groupie". Keep questioning. Use your own intelligence and keep researching. Don't treat Q like a guru who you blindly follow. That was never the intention of Q anyway.

The message originally always was: "Dig". That is: Do your own research - Q posts are just a starting point. Q also always warned, "Disinformation is necessary." So please don't walk around beLIEving that every last little drop from Q is gospel. Use your common sense, look around you, engage your own mind, and keep doing your own research. Follow no-one. Simply, use Q as a tool. Nothing more.

At least twice before, original November Q has been hacked - in late November and again in early January. Therefore, we have no proofs for who is creating these posts. However, when evidence like this is produced (with photos, dates, locations) that link these bad actors together in a way that would otherwise take most of us months to find, we cannot ignore it.

Following is a good video by "John Doe Truth in Context" unpacking these latest Q posts. Enjoy.

Video: "Singing Like A Canary" - The Short & Sweet Edition -April.21.2018

John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Apr 21, 2018
_ _ _ _ _ 

Pedo-Satanist John Podesta below, brother of Tony Podesta. The brothers set up the Podesta Group in 1988, a Washington DC-based lobbying firm that has connections to underbelly organizations and individuals all over the world. The Podesta group was suddenly dissolved in November 2017 when Tony Podesta was taken into custody. The lobbying firm is being investigated. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's 2016 Democrat Party campaign manager. They are all closely linked to "spirit cooker" Marina Abramovic as we see in the John Podesta leaked emails on WikiLeaks - Hillary, John, Tony and Marina are all very close associates. Note the elastoplast on the left middle finger.

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Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta - SATANIST PEDOPHILES !!!!

The MONSTERS among us. Elite pedophiles. Royal pedophiles. No moral compass.

Wall Street darlings - 50 Company CEOs resign !! May-December 2017. 

Note: the Podesta Group is very much tied into Washington DC and Wall Street. Many of these CEOs will have formed very close relationships with the Podesta Group since 1988.

For the sake of stating the truth plainly, here is my article that counters Q posts of November 2017 regarding the arrests of HRC and "Mr Podesta". It might have happened, but it baffles me that all of these people are now out walking in the world - even travelling overseas. No word from Q on this. It's incongruous and causes suspicion in the veracity of what Q says.

Following are articles showing the outcomes for these people... It is already writ.

More messages from the hologram #PizzaGate #JohnPodesta #SpiritCooking

Image source

"Performance art" by spirit cooker Marina Abramovic. Included in the fluid used to paint this is blood, semen and breast milk. Abramovic is in her 70s and doesn't look a day over 50. It is said that adrenochrome sourced from tortured young children and babies keeps you physiologically young. Adrenochrome is produced by the adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys. There is no/little adrenochrome in the gland itself - its function is to produce adrenalin-adrenochrome.

It is a proven scientific fact that highly addictive adrenochrome actually does slow down the aging process. What is the sweetheart to so many Hollywood stars Marina Abramovic really all about? What is this fascination with blood, corpses and mutilated body parts in all the "art" she produces? Is she in fact a high priestess of an elite American cult that kills and consumes the flesh of young children and babies, just like they do in the "Ninth Circle" elite Satanic cult in Europe?  #Pedovore  That is where I would put my money.

Image source

Image source


  1. I see that they are connected somehow, but I'm not getting any evidence about how they are connected. I mean....Allison Mack posted a pic of Abramovic....what exactly does that mean? Whats the connection? How is Obama connected? Is Nxivm connected to Epstein in any way? All I'm finding is Clare Bronfman

    1. Keep watching this space... New videos being posted all the time. Arrests coming soon predictably. There are around 135,000 Sealed Indictments awaiting trial in the USA. They are likely sealed since a lot more evidence about other cases is being derived through the interview and investigation process. ie: Opening a case and making it public will likely affect an ongoing investigation on another case, so there's simply no choice but to keep them all sealed. These 135,000 have accumulated since October 2017. Usually, there's around 1200 Sealed Indictments a year in the USA. Normally (as in under BHO), there would be around 2500 by now. So you can see how HUGE all of this is. When the time is right, things will be made public... then we will see the rising tide... and then the flood will come. It will be unstoppable! #GreatAwakening


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