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Sweden's rape statistics are higher than Pakistan's. 250% increase !!

Sweden's rape statistics in 2010 was more than double that of Pakistan. Omg !!! Admittedly, Pakistan's women tend to not report rape, but as you see from the Pakistan statistics 2003-2010, the reported rapes in Pakistan are practically unchanged. Rapes committed annually in Sweden per 100,000 people was 25.0 in 2003. By 2010 there were 63.5 rapes committed annually per 100,000 people !!!! That's a 250% increase !!! What the ????

What the hell is happening here??

Note: Rapes in Sweden have increased markedly since 2005. I'm not sure what happened in Swedish public policy for this to occur. Somebody out there might be able to tell me. The incidence of rapes occurring is much higher now. Since 2013, Muslim migrants from a dozen different countries began flooding into Sweden. I'm looking for 2015 statistics for Sweden. These should be posted soon/ today.

100,000s of non-registered migrants throughout Europe

There are thousands of migrants in Sweden currently who hold no papers. These people are in Sweden illegally. Many of these people will be the sexual abuse offenders and criminal offenders who are living off friends and relations in "no-go" Muslim enclaves. Police and military police need to start doing "dawn raid" types of swoops, such as were done here in New Zealand in the 1970s. If all residents in a household cannot produce official Swedish Migrations Services documents, these individuals need to be arrested, detained and deported immediately. If there is no official permit allowing you to stay, you will be immediately deported. This is normal for every Western country in the world. Immediate deportation.

As you were never in the system in the first place, there will be no need to go through a lengthy deportation process... ie: there will be no need for you to await trial, see a judge, or obtain a lawyer. None of these processes apply to you. You were never in Sweden officially in the first place. You would be processed within a day. Taking your name, country of origin, etc is pointless. You would use a fake name. All that would be required is a photograph of you, your finger prints, a bio-metric iris scan and a DNA sample. All of this would be kept on record for an indefinite period of time so Swedish police (and InterPol) have access to your information to solve any upcoming reported crimes. Very simple. Very fast. You will then be removed from Sweden immediately and put on the next flight back to your country of origin. The end. 

It would likely take a few years for this process to be completed. There is no doubt that the Swedish police force would find you all eventually, and you would be sent far, far away. These things are already being implemented in Sweden. The Swedish public is over the lies and the bad behaviour.

Social destruction. A prime example:

Situated in the very south of the country is the city of Malmö. It is Sweden's third largest city. The population of Malmö and the region of Skåne in general, is now over-run by Muslim refugees. Swedish natives are leaving Malmö because it now has become such a dangerous city to live in. People are even migrating to other countries. People of Jewish descent who have lived peacefully in Malmö for many generations are now leaving. Please see Ingrid Carlqvist's reports on this - on YouTube and the Gatestone Institute

Jews and Muslims do not get on. This hot-bed of civil war waiting to happen is one that the Swedish government needs to immediately extinguish. The Swedish government needs to get these refugees out of Malmö and out of southern Sweden (the Skäne district), then they need to attend to issues such as Muslim ghettos and "no-go" zones where even the Swedish police are at risk if they enter. There are around 50 "no-go" zones throughout Sweden. You dare not go in there. 

See what happened to an Australian 60 Minutes crew who got assaulted (including being driven over by a car) in a "no-go" zone in Gothenburg. 

The situation in Malmö is reportedly extremely bad... There is continual violence against native and the already settled Swedish population, schools being burned, assaults, murders, rapes. It is truly terrible... and yet the Swedish media says nothing !! And the Swedish people won't talk about it because they are raised 'colour blind' and they foolishly think that such talk is "racism" !!  So the 'average' Swede on the street knows nothing about the abductions, rapes and assaults perpetrated by Muslim men. But they are finding out about the situations very quickly now as their primary school-aged children continue to be picked off and violated by these psychopathic rapists.

Sweden was never like this before.
Where did Sweden go wrong?

- Unchecked, uninhibited migration from Muslim countries. Sweden opened its doors and Muslims males rushed in, in the tens of thousands. Sweden unwittingly accepted criminals, ISIS fighters, murderers, dislocated and dissociative, traumatised and radicalised males. Many of these men perceive the showing of bare flesh of any woman aged over 6 years old (the marrying age in the Muslim religion) as an invitation to rape them... It's crazy !!!

+ Sweden has inadequate social services to deal with the 165,000 refugees that flooded into Sweden last year alone !!! - a majority of whom did not come from war zones! 

Why did these predominantly single men arrive in Sweden then? They came to bludge off the Swedish tax payers and carry out their 'silent jihad', which is to over-run Western and European nations, make the police forces in those countries buckle at the knees, and take the country over - purely through the large numbers of Muslims men that have been permitted to enter or who now remain illegally, without ever going through the proper migration process.

Please note: Muslim is not a race. It's a religion.
Talking about the "Muslim problem" is not "racism".

Video:  Islam is not a RACE

Published on Nov 6, 2015

I am fed up with hypocrites worried about PC and irrelevant matters when we have real problems. We can't have a candy coated version of Islam being taught in our schools... Islam is not a "race"!

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