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Sweden is sending economic migrants and criminals out of Sweden

Video: Sweden has a message to the refugees: Don't come to Sweden, we only provide tents, no money,

Published on Oct 17, 2015

Swedens message to the refugees. Don't come to Sweden, we only provide tents, no money, no house.

السويد ممتلئه .. لا منازل أو نقود متاحه .. كل ماتستطيع السويد توفيره هو خيام في القواعد العسكريه بالاضافه الى ان الجو بارد جدا .. لا تذهب للسويد

Sweden accepted 163,000 refugees in 2015. This volume has drained all resources from the Swedish society.

No there is no housing left. All public housing is full. A two bedroom apartment may have 10-20 people living in them. This is a public safety and health risk. Numbers need to be reduced to only 5 people in a two bedroom apartment.

Sweden can in some cases provide a tent to live in, but in the winter we have arctic temperatures of around minus 20-30 C.

Recently we placed refugees in trains stations, army bases, barracks, trailers, motels and tents. Often refugees are sleeping outdoors since there is no room inside the tent or buildings. Winter is here and its getting cold. [It will be getting very cold again soon in October 2016]

We are setting up tents on vacant army bombing ranges and in forests. We have room but as of today we only have 300 tents.

Hospitals can no longer provide acceptable service. Patients die or recover and wait in hallways for surgery. Wait times in emergency rooms may be 48 hours - two days or longer.

Schools are overfilled with students from 50 or more countries who don't understand the Swedish language or culture.

We have about 1 million unemployed people in Sweden - both native and naturalised Swedes and refugees. There are no jobs, there are no unskilled jobs, and there is no hope of any employment here in the future.

Large numbers of refugees have discovered that Sweden has nothing to offer. They have moved back home since they cannot find any apartment, are not eligible to receive any welfare, have no work so can not earn a salary, end up with no money, and are confronted with a very high cost of living.

That was the good news.

The bad news is that Sweden has a lot of violent riots and many migrant ghettos where all civil services are driven out by the people who live there. They have become a law to themselves. No police, no ambulance, no fire truck will go into thes migrant ghettos due to the violent gangs have taken over these areas.

A large number of schools and public building are set on fire by arsonists. Some of these fires have been started by native Swedes in communities where there are high populations of Muslim migrants. That's because these schools have now become so violent and unsafe for their own children to attend. They have become breeding grounds of violence. We are experiencing near world record in rapes and in other violent crimes being committed by, especially Muslim males.

Sweden has no resources left, we cannot help any refugees any longer. You will NOT be helped in Sweden. You will NOT be able to stay here due to the catastrophic crisis situation in Sweden caused by unruly Muslim males who are carrying out criminal activities.

Sweden hopes you will have peace so you can go back home soon. We help UNHCR so UN can help refugees in need near their homeland.

Sweden apologize, but we CANNOT help any more refugees even if we want to.

Read more about the refugee crisis, in Swedish:

Updates - collated by BronnyNZ:
  • The Swedish border was closed with Denmark in November 2015
  • The murder of an aid worker in January by a Muslim refugee from Somalia caused such out-cry that native Swedes went out on rampages to beat up and injure any migrants they found in public places and train stations
  • The Swedish government announced in January that it will be sending 80,000 migrants out of Sweden ongoing over the next 2-3 years. This will be done as efficiently as these "declines" can be processed.
  • In August 2016, unemployment benefits for 5000 migrants will be stopped. Benefit stoppages will continue from now on. Migrants are being removed from social housing and are being transported outside of Swedish borders. These migrants are no longer allowed to stay in Sweden.
  • On July 19, 2016 the Swedish Migrations website posted that people applying for residency based on coming to be with a family member who is waiting to have their residency confirmed, will no longer be processed. You are no longer eligible.
  • Sweden has discovered that around 80,000 migrations applications received in 2015-16 are from people who seek to migrate for "economic reasons". All of those applications will be refused.
  • Sweden is taking a much tougher stance on criminal activity committed by the new migrants, 2011-2016.  At first, a lot of understanding and sympathy was shown to migrants by the general native Swedish community at large. Sadly, it was discovered that many young and older Muslim men are criminals. Increasingly, much tougher sentences are being applied to unruly migrants who are breaking Swedish laws.
  • Swedes are intolerant of migrants who burn the Swedish flag. This has been done by migrants in the last few years. Photos of these actions were posted on Social Media. These actions took place in the migrant ghettos, but photos are still easy to find of how the guest is so badly treating the host.
  • Swedes are intolerant of migrants who are calling for Sharia Law to be implemented in Sweden. Sharia Law will not be implemented in Sweden.
  • Swedes have realised that their kindness has been abused by migrants and Swedes are no longer being kind or friendly towards migrants. Swedes now have a lot of suspicion of migrants. That is because there have been 100-500 rapes of women and children happening every week in Sweden since 2014, being committed by uneducated psychopathic Muslim men who think it is his right to rape a white woman, or her children. Too many of these rapes have ended in these native Swedes, all too often with blonde hair and blue eyes, being murdered by the perpetrator. This is no longer tolerated.
  • Swedish people now realise that male Muslims think nothing of raping women and children. There have been thousands upon thousands of rapes of women and children in Sweden committed by Muslim men since 2011. This is extremely unacceptable behaviour and is no longer tolerated. Therefore, Sweden no longer welcomes migrants - and especially not Muslim males with the attitudes and behaviours described following - of not respecting other people, keeping their hands off other people - especially women and children, keeping their genitals in their own trousors at all times, keeping their fists to themselves, keeping their abusive language to themselves (not speaking badly), and so on.  
  • Where there is no respect for your hosts, there is only one result - to be turned out of the 'house' and be sent away. You are now being turned out of the 'house' - that is, the country of Sweden. The Swedish people first welcomed you and felt sorry for you, but Sweden doesn't want these trouble-makers in their country any longer. You are being turned out of the house.
  • Genuine refugees who are civilian victims from battle fields are still being consideured for temporary or longer-stay refugee status. From January-April 2016, there have been less than 7000 refugees accepted across by Swedish migrations. Over 5000 migrants have left Sweden of their own accord, since they realised there is nothing in Sweden for them. For all of 2015, there were 163,000 migrants who arrived. A large number of this 163,000 people will eventually be refused residency. A large number of people who arrived came with no families or young children in their care, and were purely opportunists.
  • Migrants who break Swedish laws including harassment, assault, rape, sodomy, robbery, indecent exposure of genitals, incitement to violence, unruly protest, flag burning, giving safe haven to war criminals (people returning from fighting for ISIS), Islamic State fighters of other organisations returning, extremist Muslims planning terrorist acts within Sweden, militants, people who want to cause social disruption of any kind...  These people are now being arrested, detained, punished, and then deported from Sweden back to their home country. The Swedish authorities do not tolerate bad behaviour from migrants any longer. Migrants have made it very bad for themselves by not showing gratitude and respect. Swedish authorities have been extremely patient. Their patience has ended. Bad behaviour and breaking any Swedish laws are no longer tolerated. Migrants breaking any Swedish laws will be punished to the highest extent.

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