Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It's no longer "“Islamophobia" to arrest a Muslim for being an utter arsehole !!

Yay !!  At last !!  The people of the EU and the UK have woken up to the Islamic scam!

Muslim rapists inside the EU...  You are not getting away with it, any longer !!


Police arrest 900 Muslim migrants in England and Wales for “sickening” crimes


Victims keep piling up, but leftist authorities continue to waffle in putting a stop to this lunacy. The plethora of news reports worldwide has long revealed a war against freedom, democracies and anyone considered an “infidel,” waged by Islamic supremacists who are indoctrinated into thinking they have a right to abuse or kill infidels, no matter of what age.

“Shocking police figures released for England and Wales have shown nearly 900 Syrians have been arrested in just one year…. [averagely 17 a week of Syrians alone!]  Officials say the migrants were accused of sickening crimes including rapes and child abuse. Now critics say they are concerned that the thousands of Syrians entering Britain each year under resettlement schemes are being allowed to enter the country unchecked.”

[keep leaving the EU]

R.I.P Europe.

Published on Feb 3, 2016

Muslim violence and grandstanding on English soil.
The native people do not feel safe!
Stand up Celtic warriors for your land, your women and your children...

Take back your land from these 'wannabees'.

The fictitious cries of "racism", "Islamophobia" and "xenophobia" have well and truly been seen through for what they are - just excuses that allowed the child fuckers to continue raping the children of Europe !!  

We now cry: "Deport the fuckers!! Chop off their dicks !! Dice their ball sacks into 1000 pieces and sacrifice their balls to Freyr!"

Moral of the story...  Don't fuck off the ancestors of Erik the Red !!

We will just fuck you over...  so it will just be much easier for you to just fuck off out of Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales...  

FUCK OFF !!  Baby fuckers are not welcome on our holy ground !!


  1. Sickening that the police allowed this to continue . . Likewiwe the westminster pedophiles who seem to be above the law. Spark up a spliff in this country and a cop kicks off . . Molest a kid and they stand by in silence . . Shame on them.


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