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Social media networks: Wolves in sheep's clothing ??

I've been using the social networking site "Tsu" since early December, after Facebook announced its new Policy/ Agreement of 1-1-15. The promises Tsu made to attract new users sounded great...  but it's not stacking up. My suspicions are aroused. Integrity lacking...

I've now moved on to "Informed Planet".  

For people who want to... please come to Informed Planet.

No censorship. No hassles. No promise of fake "money" nor being BANNED from the site for spurious reasons just before you're eligible to draw down your commissions. The account below is an example of this happening over this last seven days.  Shocking !!  : (   ... And a LOT of unhappy people on Tsu because of it.

You'll find me here now:

And i'm returning here to my blog where A LOT more people can see the information i'm putting up.

Here is my letter to fellow Truthers on Tsu as we look for other places to share our message:

Blogspot is not a closed network like Fb, Tsu and most other social networks. We need to keep getting our info OUT into the world - That's the mission !! - Not be duped into staying in these CLOSED "invite only" networks where they round us up into Sheeple Pens and lock us in where we waste our time with each other... rather than EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY outreach into the world. At the moment, we're just posting to an audience of "invited guests", who are all posting deliriously trying to look for the Big Bucks... and they NEVER stop to read our posts or watch a video. They're too busy - Share - Share - Share - Like - Like - Like their 1000 comments a day. And the Big Bucks ?? - There are NONE !!

Enticement BACK into SLAVERY aka. making chicken-feed on Tsu "through social networking", does NOT blow my hair back. I've just spent the last three weeks putting Tsu links out there into the world - what a waste of my precious time and energy. I now have 192 Children and a Network of 290 people. This has been a Full Time effort for me... for THREE WEEKS !!

For all of these efforts of bringing people to Tsu, so that Tsu can make ADVERTISING REVENUE off my Friends, how much to you think I would have earned ?? Afterall, it's no mean feat to introduce 100 people a week for the last three weeks. How much then ??


That's it. That's how Tsu pays you back for bringing people to THEIR network that is funded by the FAKE Securities market on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Here we are again... Same shit. Different bucket. We find ourselves being used once again as CATTLE... as STOCK on the Stock Exchange (NYSE). That is what's REALLY going on here :-/

You've betrayed my trust Tsu... and I really can't say anything nice about you.

Dallas Hills was about to draw down his first $100 for what would have amounted to some hundreds of hours of networking and posting. And what was the thanks that Dallas got from Tsu for all of his efforts?

- - Tsu banned Dallas Hills from this site. Tsu has now apologised, reinstated him and "everything is back to normal". Yeah, right. The alleged reason was spamming. Dallas' closest circle of friends said he never spammed.

Under "normal" banning terms, that would normally mean if Dallas wanted to return to Tsu he would find his bank account at $0.00 once more, and he would have to start all over again. Great eh? That's how you get "thanked" on Tsu - by being cut off just before you draw down.

The only reason why Dallas got back on Tsu is because he has a VERY LOYAL following of "take no bs. friends" who stood up for him for 100 consecutive hours and got right into Tsu's face. Tsu had no choice. A video was in the pipeline and even Anonymous gathered together to Take Action. This might still be happening. In short: Dallas has great friends. But this could have been any of us. And if we don't happen to have any e-mail or alternative contacts to people we've introduced, we're screwed. So this is a really somber message for each and every one of us - - -

This COULD have been ANY OF US !! Yes, YOU !! You CAN get bumped off at any time by the Tsu technocrats... especially as you near your $100 draw-down.

That is what's REALLY going on with this social site. Lots of games. I'm gutted.

We find out the purpose of Tsu is not about giving people "residual income" at all, but it's about keeping all the money for the big men at the top. Same Shit. Different Bucket.

Once again, the Puppeteers are using the Little Sheeple as the means to generate HUGE amounts of advertising revenue. Advertising doesn't come cheap.

Please also see the video of Sebastian Sobczak's Dec 16, 2014 interview with CNBC - PROGAMING people just in time for the Christmas holidays, and just before the new Facebook agreement came into effect. It's amazing how ENGINEER Sobczak knows so much about the Financial Markets. Which makes me ask the next question... Was he groomed?

And please remember this social site's actual trading/ company name:

All part of the Agenda ?? :-/

- - Divide and Conquer ??

And now, i've gone and invited all my Friends from Fb, because I thought Tsu was REAL - and I have a very good reputation with my Friends... and People trust me.

And now i've dragged them to where the iconology is Greener, but the intentions taste exactly the same. I Am getting harvested - and my efforts are lining somebody else's pocket.

Here's my analysis, even before really settling in on Tsu:


I'm a being told a LIE !!

Therefore: There is no point continuing. I'm so sorry for inviting my Friends here, so that Tsu can harvest you as well with their advertisers.

It's like telling all your Friends "We're going to a birthday party" then find we've all been loaded up into a cattle waggons and you're heading for Auschwitz  : (  

I'm now going to a place where "INTEGRITY" is actually in the creator's vocabulary.

Join me on "Informed Planet". No agendas. No advertising. No programing. No-one making a buck off you. 

In fact, the suggested amount is $1 a month or $10 a year that YOU need to donate to pay for the site running costs. How COOL is that ?? ; )

And my deepest apologies to all my Friends...


by Bronwyn Llewellyn. Jan 2, 2015
New Zealand

Informed Planet - Why its better than Facebook

Published on Dec 9, 2014
by Fred X

As a member and fan of "The greatest social media site of 2014".

I thought I would point out why I permanently deleted Facebook and made the move to Informed Planet.

Please join now. You will find like minded, aware people hoping to inspire a better planet.

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