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Written on Octobris 31st, 2014 in the Roman Calendar - by Bronny NZ
Revised Junius 29, 2015.

"Hope" is part of the Great Illusion that has been conjured up for us to be living under, by the Babylonian magicians of old. Our seat of personal power and dynamism is found in the solar plexus. We connect to Creator through our pineal and pituitary glands. We are biological "receivers". We connect to Creator through the Resonant Unity Field, also known as the quantum field. Consciousness speaks to us through the Field. "Ask and you shall receive."

Please consider adopting the ways of Earth's tribes and grow your hair long. Long hair is an antenna, a receiver of the unknown realms...

"Hope" is a device these Puppet Masters use to stop Humanity from BEing in the NOW! The word "faith" is another word they use to trick us and harvest our energy. Please think about this, as Anastasia teaches us to do...

Concepts like "faith", "hope", "belief" and "trust" are not REAL. They create ILLUSION in our minds. And yet people are given over to these concepts and live their whole lives "hoping" and having "faith" that this or that will happen for them. We Real Eyes now, it's up to us! WE are the Creators of our future.

"WE ARE the ones we have been waiting for."

The energies of these words cause us to misuse our "ray" as Anastasia calls it - and for that seeking to become a distraction to what is REAL. It's an attempt to get us to find with our pineal gland-third eye, something that does not exist. This is the worst sort of programming that ties us in knots - to get us to send out thought seeking for something that is non existent and which is ILLUSORY !!

Create new images for yourself in the Energy of KNOWING. YOU Create them. These are REAL... But they have to come from your Seat of Power, in your belly and up and out through your third eye chakra and into the world of Ether, where all thoughts Exist and Remain and keep Feeding Outcomes, all over the world... And then you, now that you are not ill under ill-U-shun, will be able to "go out" into our Holographic Universe through THOUGHT, and you will Create it, almost "by magic", which it is... You ARE Creator !! And BE that KNOWING. That's the only way this Dream of the Celebration of LIFE will ever come to BE. Lose your "faith", your "hope", your "belief" and your "trust", and step NOW into the POWER of KNOWING. You create what you want through your clear visualisation, and see what you want coming towards you. This is Co-creation.

"Hope" is a part of The illusion, created by the Black Magic Ions. They DO manipulate "realities" by conjuring magic tricks for us in the world of Matter... "What's the Matter?" Well, nothing really since "matter" is a hologram. We are so bathed in The illusion that we fail to see where these magic tricks begin and end. But they are all around us, and embedded in thousands of words like "Hope" instead of KNOWING, "Tolerate" instead of ACCEPT, "Birth" instead of BERTH...

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Look at sentences like "Eye can see it. Yes eye can." Where do you think these homophones come from? Why do you think the English language is so difficult for people in other cultures to learn? Because it's the language of the Puppet Masters. How can English now be the second biggest language in the modern world... How? Spanish and Portuguese proliferated all over Europe and in the South Americas at the time of the Conquistadores. Why the ascension of English?


- Because English is imbued with the Magic Spell-ing of the Black Magic Ions - these manipulators of MATTER - the Puppet Masters. Which is also why we don't see their tricks, because we are bathed in Their Language that THEY Created. It's so their Wish is Granted that Our bodies would become a Physical Prison For Our Minds - as seen in The Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) passed in London on the three days that the smokescreen (literally) of the Great Fire of London raged. Inside the English parliament, there they were in Con-Jury of the De-Vision of humanity. Divide and Con-Cur. It's all from Rome, from Latin, and imbued with Power via the houses of Egypt - of Cleopatra the Greek along with the God JC - Julius Caesar.

They "Sentence" you with their sentences when you go to Caught - and remove the "I AM" Living Being from your Dead Corpse in Lore... (no lore... just the false imposter... ) "The Law". There is no such thing in Heaven and Earth. You have just been stripped of your SENT-I-ENCE. Your I AM manifestation has been removed, and you are now under the SENTENCE... The Letters - devised to trick and trap you. It's a long web and quite a story that helps Re-Lease U.S. all, from being sold back into slavery (so we are Re - Leased no more) to any Master on the high Sees any longer, aka. The #Vatican... This Whirled is illusory. Therefore:

Be Mindful of the Tricks of the Puppet Masters. Their tricks are the reasons why Humanity is still locked into Money... because Humanity thinks the Trick of "Money" is Real. No it's not. It's just another Trick !!

Simply: BE FREE !!

FREE - is a Germanic word meaning "love, be love, to love, affection, friend, friendship, peace, to court = to woo, wife, beloved..."


Use German-based words wherever you can, or Sanskrit-based, or any other language, not Angle Lash... a sharp tongue indeed.


A-VOID the tongue of the Row-Mans (Latin)  who float their vessels (bodies) on the High Sees (The Vatican) at all costs... in peril of their Own Lives - which they never actually OWNED as hired slaves under the whip...  And if those Row-Mans didn't die a physical death, chances are they would be (taken to) Caught with the Brand-Ye bottle still in their hand... Their Vessel would then be tied to the dock and they would be Sent(i)enced and Charged (with the false El-ectric El-Universe), and be told how much Gold it would cost to BAIL them out... to remove the seeping See/Sea/e-Motion from their weeping Vessel (body).

Lots to ponder...

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