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LarouchePAC Friday Webcast: Sign the petition. No more US HEGEMONY !!

December 19, 2014 - Friday Webcast

Published by Dec 19, 2014
by LarouchePAC 
Tonight's webcast was pre-recorded. Jeff Steinberg, counterintelligence director of EIR magazine was on today's show to update us on world events.

The economic warfare that is being waged by London and Wall Street against Russia today is coming from the same forces that Franklin Roosevelt combated during his presidency, which included Prescott #Bush, grandfather of both Jeb and George. Prescott Bush funded the rise of Nazism in the 1930's, and the Bush legacy ever since has been one of fascism, genocide, and world war. Is it any coincidence that Jeb Bush's PNAC friends are using Nazis in Ukraine to destabilize Russia again now, as well as the Saudis, the leading sponsors of terrorism in the world today?

Jeb Bush signed the founding manifesto of PNAC in 1997, which called for the encirclement and defeat of both China and Russia following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hot war against Russia has been their intention all along, since the end of the Cold War, but really ever since the death of FDR. President Putin recognizes this, identifying it during his press conference yesterday as the "fifth column." Putin also named the western-backed Chechen terrorists as tools being used to dismember Russia, along with the "New Berlin Walls" such as NATO expansion and the BMDs being positioned on Russia's borders.

Lyndon LaRouche has warned that the British will stop at nothing to crush the emergence of a new economic order exemplified by the BRICS today. Why are they so desperate? The entire financial system that they derive their nominal power from is crumbling. The beginnings of a political revolt are there. This is a Glass Steagal moment, as prominent members of Congress are beginning to recognize, but it will only be won if we declare war against Wall Street like Roosevelt did. This will require the types of measures that Lyndon LaRouche has specified earlier this week that Russia must take.

What the Hamiltonian principle implies, is that money is worthless absent real productive value which is defined by the human mind. This is what the "US Must Join BRICS" petition calls for -- a new paradigm for humanity -- which over a hundred prominent individuals domestically and internationally have signed onto and is resonating globally, especially inside China. But to adequately define this new paradigm, we must base it on a principle of human economy which clearly distinguishes between man and beast. The measurement of economic value is not money, but successive revolutions in man's influence over the solar system.

The future is being defined right now by China's lunar program, opening up entirely new powers for the human species and an entirely new understanding of our relationship to the solar system, of the caliber of the original discoveries made by Johannes Kepler.

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