Sunday, 4 January 2015

Russian Yevgeny Fyodorov: The man who wants to save the world

Yevgeny Fyodorov, 51, graduated from the Leningrad Higher Military Engineering and Construction College. From 1985 to 1988 he served in the Soviet Armed Forces, participating in the Soviet War in Afghanistan; a war which the West actually imposed upon the USSR via the CIA, MI6, the Saudis and their controlled foreign fighters.

Fyodorov has served in the Duma (Parliament) since 1990, and is currently a high-ranking official in Putin's United Russia Party. Just the mere fact that the Globalist, Internet-based NGO, 'Open Democracy', mocks Fyodorov as "the ultimate conspiracy theorist" is, in and of itself, all the evidence we need to establish his authenticity and credentials. End of discussion. But there is more to tell, much more.

Though a loyal Putinist, Fyodorov has formed his own movement, the National Liberation Movement. In the wake of the mess in the Ukraine, Fyodorov's NLM has swelled to 100,000 members, most of them young and very hard-core. There are branch offices in 260 cities throughout all of Russia's 85 regions. No mealy-mouthed, punch-pulling, aging 'Tea Partiers' here. No sir. Fyodorov and his NLM are dead-serious about liberating not only Russia, but the whole world.

- by Tomato Bubble

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