Friday, 2 January 2015

Putin: Healthy family, healthy nation, traditional values...

From #Putin's recent speech (to the Members of Parliament): 

Послание Президента Федеральному Собранию.

"Healthy family and healthy nation, traditional values, passed to us by ancestors in combination with an aspiration to the future, stability as a condition of development and progress, respect to other people and states at the assured providing of safety of Russia and defending of her legal interests, - here are our priorities"

Владимир Путин обратился к Федеральному Собранию с ежегодным Посланием. Оглашение послания по традиции состоялось в Георгиевском зале Кремля в присутствии свыше 1000 приглашённых.

4 декабря 2014 года  Москва, Кремль


Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly with annual address. Delivering the message traditionally held in St. George's Hall in the Kremlin in the presence of over 1,000 delegates.

December 4, 2014 The Kremlin, Moscow

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