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Steps to coming awake: Unpacking the ISIS disinformation

This is basically a little tutorial on how I educated myself so that I could see.

This process only took me around 10 days.  I've only been SEEING for about a week.

I am ASTOUNDED that I could not see before.  I was enchanted by the illusion.

Please follow this same basic route to get the cobwebs off your brain, so you can start thinking properly again.

Thank you.

This post is under construction...  ie:  come back another day and there's going to be more...


Session 1

(1)  History repeats itself: The US is trying to pull another war out of it's bu**

It might seem a little weird...  But please start with this video.  Please play it a few times until you can really feel it.  Please come to understand that the "ISIS" story is no new story.  The same tactics were used to start Vietnam and probably most other wars ever since, ie:  This a "terror and blame" game that America plays, basically to convince the people of America to hand over their children and give them into the jaws of war.

Please remember that the United States' biggest EXPORT is armaments, munitions and military personnel. That means:  If the US doesn't keep wars going in some location in the world, the American GDP isn't worth even those three little letters tapped out into cyber-space.

Country Joe & the Fish -- Vietnam song

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011
by Nono Dey

(2)  Soldiers are pawns in a game of organised murder...

Please go to this link and ponder the image for a little while.  Please think about each of these wars and realise the Truth of what this poster is saying.

(3)  US Machine Gunner discloses US military activities in Iraq 2006-

Please go to this link. Please feel and be moved by what this young man is saying. Please, really take notice of his body language and facial expressions. You'll find that there's a mis-match in what he says and the way he feels about what he's saying. Please stick with him and as much as possible, please feel his feelings. He holds himself together really well... but under all that, I think he just wants to lay on the floor crying for an  hour. We are so blessed to have his story, so frankly told.

(4 )  If you're really keen to wake up please start watching this series of videos.

I highly recommend this series. Please watch one or two of these episodes per day to help you wake up out of your sleep.

Please note: Not all of the episodes in this series are in chronological order. You might have to go hunting for them... but most are there. I don't "agree" with everything these videos say... but I think if you can approach them with an open mind and heart, and not get too caught up in the dichotomies of what might come flooding through your mind, they can be of HUGE benefit.  I'm going through them a second time.  There's some huge wisdoms in there.

The Holographic Disclosure 1 of 7

Published on May 27, 2012

The Holographic Disclosure is Exposure.

Everything that you think as being real, and true, will fade away.
Time for veil to come down and expose the truth about our reality.
Get ready to move away from the trance state and re-connect to our original awareness and wisdom state. The freedom and liberty of eternal paradise is ours.


Session 2

(1 )  Please start this session by watching the next holographic disclosure video

The reason for watching this series is to help your thought processes start to "unglue" from this fixed material world of duality... and to start entertaining the idea of "possibility".  Each one of these videos continues the process of melting away the rigid contexts that our egoic self so loves to play with.  When there are no contexts, no fixed form, and we recognise ourselves as The One...  then we recognise "the other" human as Me. Then I see "the other" as truely human... not in the fixed terms that other people (such as the news media) might like to portray for us... based on their need for money, control, based on their own fears, etc.  So Please keep going with this series. Thanks.

The Holographic Disclosure 2 of 7

Published on May 27, 2012
The holographic nature of reality and secrets on how the mind really works and decodes reality. Secrets of the Ether.

(2)  The lighter side of the Iraqan genocide

Get ready to get a whack in the back of the head.  John Stuart is about to challenge a lot of your preconceptions... Go with it, and don't just fob off his questions as another "punch line" of a joke.  They might sound like this to you, but please...  In all seriousness...  Ask yourself what the answers to these questions are. Ponder these points before moving on.

(3)  America - Here are the Terrorists who are threatening YOU !!

This video will help balance up your point of view.  You will see the Humanity in "the other".  Please go with whatever feelings you have...  compassion, anger, frustration... even a deep-seated inability to watch this video.  If you're struggling, please just skip it for now and come back to it again tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after.  It's really important that at some stage, you watch this video...  and see the Humanity in "the other".  Thanks.

Keep an eye on the questions that arise within you as you watch this video...
Keep observing your feelings...  don't allow yourself to be overcome by them.  Remain the observer.

  • How is the life and the wishes of the people of Syria different to yours?
  • Is there compassion?  Is there kindness?  Is there fear and loss and hope?
  • Do these people exhibit feelings and desires that are similar to you, or completely different.
  • Who is their enemy?

I see people in that video who are civilians, ordinary people, and they're talking about having to go in and fight, in the war.
I see people in military uniforms, who are showing compassion and kindness to animals and children.
I see President Al Assad, and get a real sense of how much his people love him.
I see him with his family in a very normal setting, and I see him praying.

Is this the monster we see and hear about on our TVs night after night?
In our hearts, how do we feel about this man?  Is he the person our Western media outlets tells us he is?

Search your heart.  All answers sit within.  Sometimes we need to wait...  Don't talk to other people about this. Just keep quietly alert and mindful.  Ask for 'a sign' or 'signs'.  You will be shown.  But it needs to be your own internal process... It's not a process where you can seek outside of yourself.  All answers lie within.  If there is no answer, there is no answer.  That is as it is.  That's fine.  But just remain open, not closed.  And entertain whatever ideas come in.  You may want to discard certain ideas at the end of the process...  so whatever comes in, please just hold onto it lightly....  and be ready to embrace whatever else is a new thought to come in...  thoughts flowing in...  one after the other...  No judgement. No need to hold on to any of them.  Think them... and just as freely let them go.

This is all practice for what's up ahead  : )

(4)  To understand ISIS and Iraq in 2014, you have to look at Syria 2013

Let's look a bit more at Syria.  Gently try to give yourself new terminologies...  Who ARE the 'good guys'? Who ARE the 'bad guys'?  There may not be a definitive answer, and that's fine.  You're still practicing taking on new perspectives.  You don't have to judge anything...  Just observe...  yourself... and other people's ideas as well, no matter how "wrong" those perspectives might seem to you. Just BE with them.  And that's just fine.  You don't have to play with it, or poke at it, or try to sort it out.  Let it just sit.

Please check out these two August 2013 videos from David Icke, a well-known commentator on these sorts of subjects. And just let the info sit.  There's a lot to take in.

If you feel like it, please continue on with the next holographic video...  but only if you want to.  No compulsion whatsoever.  There's always tomorrow.

The Holographic Disclosure 3 of 7


Session 3

Since starting to write this page, i've gone on to create a "Quick download for ISIS info" page.

Now that you've got something of an idea of the ebb and flow, and ease... (please don't stress)  of how this process might feel... very gentle... open... inquiring... Please go to the link and keep working down on the list.  We got up to the Syria videos with David Icke, so your next thing to look at will be  Section 1.7 about being able to trust "official reports".

Please continue on here...

Quick ISIS download here. YOUR introduction to the real "ISIS"

I plan to come back here and write some more commentary from time to time, but that could be a little sporadic.

In the meantime, I wish you well in your discoveries...

Love to you and all of your families.

Bronny NZ

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