Thursday 3 July 2014

Become a Spell-Breaker. Break the illusions of the Magic-Ions

I added this post to my Facebook wall this afternoon.  I wanted to share it here too.  Thank you.

This CBC news item was posted today.

It is PROPAGANDA !!! It is NOT TRUE !!! 

But it will do very nicely to help educate ourselves...

Iraq crisis: ISIS social media blitz could be its downfall

As ISIS fighters tweet out maps and share tips online, intelligence ops may want them to keep it coming

By Matt Kwong, CBC News Posted: Jul 02, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jul 02, 2014 8:58 AM ET

Members of ISIS have used social media outreach tools, such as the anonymous Q&A service Ask.Fm, to disseminate information about how to join the jihadist group. The Sunni extremist group's slick social media campaign has attracted widespread interest and sparked a debate about whether it's better to plug the lines of communication or mine the activity for intelligence.

Caption: Members of ISIS have used social media outreach tools, such as the anonymous Q&A service Ask.Fm, to disseminate information about how to join the jihadist group. The Sunni extremist group's slick social media campaign has attracted widespread interest and sparked a debate about whether it's better to plug the lines of communication or mine the activity for intelligence. (CBC)

Are you reading the words above? Now examine the photo. Trust your eyes... even though your brain is screaming at you to still believe the words. Look with your eyes at the image... and you WILL SEE !!

Please consider this: Muslim men never touch women. Never. So do you actually think this is a Muslim man with his arm slung casually over this woman's shoulder?  Look again. Where does your heart tell you these people are from?

Don't get sucked in by the SPELLING !! ... of the MAGICIANS !!

ISIS enforcer Shakir Wahiyib

Image source

LOOK AT THE IMAGE.  WHO ARE THESE MEN? LOOK AT THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, THEIR ARMS ESPECIALLY. Where are they from.  Really look at them...  talk to them... ask them.

All answers lie WITHIN YOU !!

Now, go to the article... through the 'Image source' link.

Tell me which was right.  Your eyes who see images...  or your eyes who are under the SPELLING ???

And WHERE is ISIS now ??  Where are they ??  Were they EVER REAL ???

Because...  they've DISAPPEARED !!!!

Such is the nature of creating an illusion.


In the retelling of the "FACTS", this news agency has not acted falsely, technically... 

The problem?  - Is the way YOUR MIND is receiving those "facts".

Go with me on this... Let me tell you more...

I can teach you how to identify news media propaganda, if you want. This is NOT an advertorial btw. If you don't want to learn, you continue to be an Agent of the illusion-makers... This is entirely your choice. You will remain Entrapped in the WILL of the illusion-makers if you decide to NOT learn. This is your Soul Contract. DO what you choose. That's none of my business. That's entirely up to you.

Step 1: You will need to read this entire Post, which is your Introduction on how to de-codify the Kabbal Main Stream Media messages. Trust me. It's magic. It's a journey into My-nd, into Spirit, into the Quantum field... You simply have to make agreement with me... To simply Trust this Process... And to NOT argue with me... No distress. No bitching. No finger-pointing. No name-calling. No telling me i've got a fat ego. Please play none of these things out in your mind.  They are all pointed arrows.

Step 2:  Do what I say... [ I'm happy to say this because I DO know i've got a fat ego and that's fine... God gave me a fat ego to do the work here that I need to do. ] Go with me... And you Are FREE of the illusion. Already... In the INSTANT that you made this decision, YOU ARE FREE.

Step 3: Make the choice. Go with me... or DON'T go with me. It's entirely your choice. You HAVE free-will choice. It's FREE !!! Please be mindful... Don't be tempted to stray and get taken away by your own bizzy distractions and your bizzy, bizzy, bizzy little My-nd... Bizzy... bizzy... bizzy......

Slow down.

Step 4: Slow down your My-nd... Breathe... and Continue Reading...

Let the lessons begin...


For Godsakes, YOU need to start understanding the Magic-Ions being cast around you by the Kabbal, that continue to perpetuate within YOU, the "ISIS-CRISIS".

Haha !! Yes !! Another clue... The "(CR)-ISIS" TV series started in NZ this week. I imagine it began to be aired in other countries quite recently, also. It's part of the agenda.

See how the Puppet Masters Black Kabbal Magic-Ions continually press this same imagery, into you... In whatever ways they can con-jure...

"ISIS" is being PUSHED into your consiousness through the ever pervasive MSM news media, "ISIS, ISIS, ISIS", and now... throught the not-so-coincidentally, PERFECTLY TIMED RELEASE of the "(CR)-ISIS" series on TV...


Beguiling... persuading... mesmerizing... hypnotic... subliminal... messages... (you are getting very, very sleepy... ) Voyeuristic. Fear... attack... helplessness... plastic people... expressionless people... plastic, beautiful, TV people who are teaching you how to be utterly ineffective in your actions... Teaching you NOT to cry... NOT to emote... to NOT protest... to NOT yell... to NOT "loose it". 

The students/ watchers/ viewers of the "(CR)-ISIS" series are learning: "OH GOD. I AM so helpless and quiet and OBEDIENT !!! Oh Fuck... I am so fucking obedient !!! Yes !! Yes !!! Yes !!! I am so fucking compliant. Yes !! I do EVERYTHING that you say. I am good. I am really, really good. I shut my mouth... YOU go ahead and stuff it with whatever you want... And I shut my eyes... YOU go ahead and blindfold me with whatever you want to blind me with... And i'll just... keep... quiet. For you. To make YOU happy. Because I am little, and I am unhappy and I am helpless..."

So here's our example. This is what we can model our behaviour after:

Plastic people... Easily manipulated... Learning what to do in a (CR)-ISIS - ISIS.

Ooooo.... very bad... *shakes head* ... very bad...

"How far would you go for your child?" Ooooo.... My child ??? "I don't know??"

= Questions that the viewers silently ask themselves.

"Well this is how far you should fucking go..." continues the education in the ISIS (CR)-ISIS TV series: 

"NOWHERE !! GO NOWHERE!! DO NOTHING!!" the education continues. "Because you're FUCKING HELPLESS and I'm the one HOLDING THE FUCKING GUN !!! So be very fucking afraid... and WE WILL DO what the fuck we like with your kids. You can bet on that !!! " The rant continues...

"You just sit there and shut up, with your plastic expressionless faces... Coz' that's EXACTLY how we want you !!! Fuckin' immobile. Fixed. Unreactive. Compliant. Afraid... Fighting each other. In disarray. Bickering. Bitching. Cocking everything up. WE WANT you to go nowhere and do nothing... unless WE fucking give you permission. You got that bitches ?? !!!! " [ - waves a gun barrel in an actor's face] "AND we don't even want you to fuckin' trust your own parents... Coz they're going to sell you out... and let you get bashed over by some thugs while they watch on... because it fucking gives them a hard-on... And THEY'VE got their own psychopathic agenda that NO-ONE knows about... so HOW THE HELL can you trust them ???"

That's the message... at least some of the messages, in the ISIS (CR)-ISIS TV series, Est. in 2014 for your education pleasure... And you watch it... Mesmerized...

If THEY... the Black Magic-Ions can find any way to 'flakey-puff-pastry fold' their message through their next cooking show into your cerebral cortex, while you try to recover from the ISIS (CR)-ISIS onslaught you've just submitted yourself to, without your really noticing, they will fucking do it. Time to wake up.

For your further education of how you can wake yourself up - bummer... Yeah... you have to do this for yourself... No spoon-feeding here... You HAVE to think...  - to wake yourself up out from this hallucination, please refer to Archives on this blog... Watch all the videos that you find on the June - July posts, from "History repeats itself..." onwards, here:

Go to all links on those Posts. Yes... Be bothered to look them up and sit there watching them... reading them. All of this is important. You are Breaking the Spell-ing...  And work your way through all of that... in Reverse Order from the "Country Joe" post, moving backwards... through June... and into July [skip the school ones] ... and hopefully you will have the same experience that I had on Monday....

"Farq me..."

And I could See !!!

Your eyes will be magically OPEN to the Magic-Ions that have been insideously and purposefully directed AT YOU... All AROUND You... You're bathed in it.


While you're going through all of these blog posts... (It will probably take you a number of days to go through this process), you NEED to be watching these videos as well: 

The Holographic Disclosure 1 of 7

Published on May 27, 2012

Everything that you think as being real, and true, will fade away.
Time for veil to come down and expose the truth about our reality.
Get ready to move away from the trance state and re-connect to our original awareness and wisdom state. The freedom and liberty of eternal paradise is ours.

Music is licensed for use and content protected.

THIS is a ***VERY*** IMPORTANT INGREDIENT in the mix I feel. It's a part of the agreement with your Soul-Self, to have your mind opened. These videos are the alchemical catalyst to really get things moving within you. I don't agree with everything in these videos. But I just watched... open-hearted... non-analytical. I switched off my bizzy, bizzy little Mynd... and allowed the video series to tell its story... to wash over my brain. I didn't have to agree or disagree... Just watch...

Then I noticed something very magical... in a good way. I realised I was starting to see.
Wow !! : )

btw. I'm still only up to video 12 in this series, and continue to watch one or two of these every day. They're around 15-20 minutes long, each one. I noticed my vision - my view of the world - started to change at around video 6 or 7. And certainly by video 10... I think I was seeing by then

And now... watching anything on TV or seeing the illusory posts on Facebook that are absolutely plentiful... which are even being passed around by some of my Truther friends... It all just makes me SMILE. And i'm a bit baffled really why I never noticed all this BS before, that we're constantly bathed in.

I'm now just somewhat amused. Because it IS Magick !! Magick !! And it's a TRICK !! And it IS highly fucking entertaining once you see what you're looking at. And then it doesn't upset you so much. And you can share the joke... with those who invented it... And you just piss them off... But that's all a part of being Non-Fucking-Compliant... Isn't it then ?? And then there's balance... once again

Please continue... We're nearly at the end Yay !!!

: : Your FREEDOM from the CHARMS of the media has NOW begun !!!

: : Congratulations !!

Well done you...

The hypnosis and the illusion is nearly over   : )

Image source

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