Tuesday 11 September 2012

New Planet Clearly Seen From Antarctica and Alaska

The very interesting thing about this video is that there is complete darkness only from 6am - 9am.  The winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is on 21st June.  Now, the last time I watched "March of the Penguins" (Morgan Freeman narrating) there is complete darkness in the South Pole for around 6-8 weeks from early June to late July...  The converse happens in the North Pole where there is complete darkness for 6-8 weeks from December - January.  So why on earth are the other remaining 21 hours of this video bathed in light ??? !!  Where indeed is this light coming from ?? The natural state of this continent at this time of year is DARKNESS !!!  The aurora that is seen is called 'Aurora Australis' by the way  : )

Is there a new Star System on the way in to our Solar System.  The evidence was out there in 1982 and then was suppressed.  Is 2012 'the big year' afterall ??

Nibiru 2012 30 june Stealth Mode (NiBuru)

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webcam from neumeyer station antartica...

Nibiru 2012 Seen WorldWide Real

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[An explorer took an] expedition to Alaska, to look for fossils of man. He did not find them, but found in the permafrost of vast spaces, filled with the corpses of mammoths, mastodons, bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions. Many of the dead animals were literally blown to pieces. And these fields with the remains of the permafrost animals were distributed to hundreds of miles around ... There were trees, animals, layers of peat and moss, mixed together, as if some giant cosmic blender sucked all of them 13,000-14 000 years ago, and then instantly freeze, turning into a solid mass. To the north of Siberia entire islands are formed from the bones of animals, made from the continent into the Arctic Ocean. By some estimates, 10 million animals may be buried along the rivers of northern Siberia. This suggests that a huge tsunami raced on this land, mixing plants and animals, which are then quickly frozen. But the extinction of animals was not limited to the Arctic. Huge piles of mixed bones of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers are found in Florida. Mastodons and other animals have been found quickly frozen in mountain glaciers of Venezuela. This was a global event. Mammoths and bison of Siberia have disappeared along with the giant rhinoceros of Europe, the mastodons of Alaska and the American camels. It is quite obvious that the reason for all this was the total extinction, and it did not happen gradually. What could cause such a global cataclysm?

NASA recognized the possibility (in 1982) the existence of additional planets in our solar system. One year later (1983) NASA launches the IRAS (Infrared Astronomikal Satellite Infrared Artificial Satellite) which detects a large object. The Washington Post summarized an interview with a scientist from the program of JPL IRAS.

A heavenly body possibly larger than Jupiter, the giant and probably as close to Earth, could be part of this solar system was discovered in the direction of the constellation Orion orbiting telescope.

"All I can say is that we do not know what it is," said Gerry Niugbauer Senior Fellow Program IRAS. "All Governments know this and they are taking vigorous steps for the survival and preserve their power, with the appearance of Planet X."  [Nibiru]

They know that they [won't] be able to save everyone, but only those considered to be worthy of salvation. Orbital inclination of Nibiru around 30 degrees to the plane of motion of the Sun or the ecliptic. Since Nibiru passes through our solar system, moving in the opposite direction with respect to other planets, it sometimes moves the planet, as the main reason for making the destruction. Nibiru was known as the winged (or horned) drive in the Earth's past people. Fact: as soon as Nibiru invaded the solar system, it quickly accelerated below the ecliptic, passed behind and below the sun, before returning and Proetho bottom of the sun at an angle of 33 degrees. Now NASA is watching Nibiru with the new SPT (South Pole Telescope Area) telescope at the South Pole.

Knowledgeable people from NASA, DoD - National Military Intelligence, SETI, and the CIA assume that two thirds of the world population will die during the pole shift of the passage of Nibiru. Another 2/3 of those who survive the early waiting for hunger and death within 6 months!

Roman geographer Pomponius Mela: "The Egyptians are proud of the fact that they are the oldest people on the planet. In Egyptian chronicles you can read about the stars that change the direction of the four times, the sun, twice getting into the wrong side of the sky where now rises." 

Even Herodotus, the second book of stories written about his conversations with Egyptian priests (5th century before our AD). The priests claimed that the entire era of Egyptian Civilization (11-12 000 years, 341 generations) at exactly 4 times the sun changed direction, twice rising where now sits, and twice he sat down there, which now goes for all people. Do not confuse the comet Elenin and Nibiru. Comet - it's just a comet. Nibiru is a giant planet - as the size of Saturn (maybe even more) just like Jupiter. It is of enormous size. Nibiru is now outside the zone of Copper - but at high speed close to the earth - date approach it - the end of 2012 - 2014 year (most probably 2014)

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