Wednesday 20 January 2016

Children forced to kill babies in London UK Satanic cult 2009-2014

Original post on "Hampstead Transcripts"

Hampstead London Satanic child sexual abuse (sodomy) and baby sacrifice cult  >>  Operating until September 2014 on the grounds and in the buildings of various Church of England schools and churches (around 6 of them) scattered around the Leyline on top of Rosslyn Hill that goes into Hampstead London township.

This case is ongoing. Please help awaken the world, eg: your Friends network Facebook and any 'awakening' Groups you belong to, to what has been going on. These attrocities are likely continuing right now, but using different venues, eg: possibly using empty buildings, basements and tunnels that are known to run under Boeadicea's Mound which is on top of Hampstead Heath and looks over London City. This is a MAJOR Leyline point.

Here is the testimony of Alisa about the baby sacrifices she was forced to participate in. Original recording: September 2014...


Alisa (aged 9): Papa  held my hand. He helped me. And he told me to cut the babies head off. He forced me to.

[Note: "Papa" is the biological father of the children, divorced from their mother Ella many years prior.]

Ella: He held your hand?

Alisa: He held my hand. Yes.

Ella: What. Show me.

Alisa: So, this is my hand on the knife. He put his bigger hand on and then he pushed my hand and then cut off the head. Like that. And then when we got older, we got more used to it. But then, we understood, that when my mum, my mamma, found out about it she told me that its wrong to do this kind of stuff so then I, then me and Gabriel had still been used to, but then we had understood that its wrong.

[Please note: These children are bi-lingual Russian and English speakers. Sometimes they fumble with English sentence structure. This in no way correlates with a lack of intelligence. These two are very bright children.]

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