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The Science of Imagery as talked about by Anastasia the Vedrus

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The Maori haka holds such great pride of place in NZ culture that warriors and sports people of every ethnic tribe and background, display the haka before engaging with another team, or on special occasions. If there is something to fight for, The People - te tangata, will take their Stand and let their position be loudly known. This is a cultural feature in Aotearoa that talks about bearing, pride and prestige - mana - which I think has been lost in much of the world: The ability to Stand for what individuals know to be right and true. 

I have a "funny" story to tell about "energy". Some events were happening here in NZ regarding the banking sector and the "creation of money out of nothing" around 20-21 July 2013. Along with 3 other women from NZ and an older Dutch gentleman living in Australia, we started a group haka online, basically using YouTube videos of haka and typing call-responses to each other, as we do here in Aotearoa, in Maoridom. After an hour or so, family commitments called the other people away, but I felt to just keep going... My intention and the "anger" = indignation I felt coming out of me in waves still, kept on for around 3 hours in total. I just kept with it. I found haka videos in Auckland NZ, and I railed against the NZSX; some more videos in Sydney, and I railed against the ASX; I found ONE haka in New York city recorded some years before by a NZ comedian  [WannaBen] doing a "dare you" stunt... [bless...] But that was enough !! And with that "skit" done in full intention by a NZ-"famous" comedian, I railed against the NYSE !! and against the bronze bull now grown up "golden calf" that keeps us all as Stock and in Bonds !! Finally... The City of London.... I found a fantastic, powerful "Flash Mob" haka in Trafalgar Square performed during the 2012 World Cup >>

I replayed each of the videos over and over for each location, before I felt like the "job was done" in each city. Finally... finally... and it was exciting and exhausting... that energy lifted off me.... Wow... It was really Powerful and Strong intentioning... amazing. I began to feel the energy come off me at 4:20pm NZ time (4:20am UK time, July 21, 2013)  ...Then by 4:40pm the energy had gone. I was "back to normal" - not out there in The Field railing at the Money Brokers and Counting Houses of the world.

I hadn't eaten anything for 5 hours... i'd just stayed glued to my pc the whole time. I think i'd "overdone" it... because next thing, I began to swoon... Whooaahhh... Like sea-sickness. I looked into the room and my living room light on a long flex cord was swinging wildly back and forth !! What !! An Earthquake !!! Where I live in Hamilton NZ is nowhere near a fault-line. Where the heck was the earthquake? I jumped on pretty quick and it was a HUGE 6.9 Mag on the East Coast at the top of the South Island, approximately 30 miles as the crow flies from our CAPITAL city, Wellington !!!

"What???" - The CAPITAL is shaken to its foundations ??? 6.5 Mag in Wellington. The CAPITAL is TORN down the middle ?? It was - with great gaping splits through many streets of the city. The CAPITAL has fallen !!! Figuratively  The analogy was not lost on me. That outpouring of Powerful Energy and Intentioning Waves had Manifested here in the hologram PERFECTLY !! No-one was hurt btw.

Our mother Papatuanuku had heard the sound of our heart and rolled over...

I KNEW in my heart of hearts in that moment that "IT" was FINISHED. The High Citadels and the towers of the Principalities of Darkness HAD BEEN TORN DOWN !!! ... At 5pm NZ time on July 21, 2013. I was only One, for two hours on my own after the others had left me. Just IMAGINE if we were Two... or Three !!!  The Puppet Masters can not hold back this FLOOD !!! We have Mastery and Mystery in our hands. It's just that as yet, we are unformed and uninformed as to how to use it. But I open the door to you... and if you have been "called" to read this, I think you will connect with what i'm writing here.

NOW is the time. THIS is OUR Year... The Chinese Year of the "Sheeple".

It's OUR Year !!  Are you with me ???


Flash Mob Haka Trafalgar Square London 2012

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Flashmob Haka at Trafalgar Square in London - November 18th 2012 - 130pm. Organised by Sky Sports Rugby and Ngati Ranana for the coming rugby match England vs. New Zealand. GO THE ALLBLACKS!!!

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