Friday, 24 April 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Alisa for April 24, 2015

Love from Safe Kids International on Facebook

Happy 10th Birthday to Alisa - A Hero at Such a Young Age!

Alisa "Faced Her Fear" and Reported Horrific Abuse:
She Helped Save at Least 20 Other Kids and Raise Awareness about Child Sexual Assault

You can wish Alisa a Happy Birthday on her event page:

Despite Establishment Cover Up, many people believe Alisa and Gabriel and believe the Power Elite is orchestrating a massive cover up, such as was the case for prolific pedophile Jimmy Sevile and other entertainers, politicians, police and others.

Alisa and Little Brother Gabriel's brave disclosures:

For the latest on Alisa's case:
Social Media Case Watch for Alisa and Gabriel

BBC Colludes in "Paedophile Elite" Cover Up of Ritual Abuse

WhistleblowerKids Blog

Hampstead Research

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