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‘Financial knife-edge’: Over 3m households in the UK fear missing January mortgage or rent payments

Published time: January 05, 2015  Russia Today (RT)  UK

Reuters/Michael Dalder

This is a DREADFUL article...  Not from the point of view of ,"Look what the banksters are doing to us..."  but from the point of view of, "Look what the people of the world are doing to themselves!!"  This whole article is written in such a sympathetic tone...  "Oh, you poor victims. How dreadful. How sad."

THAT'S THE VERY PURPOSE OF SUCH ARTICLES !!  To make YOU feel little, and helpless and weak...  and "Oh dear... Is there nothing we can do?"  Boo hoo...  Even the photo here says it...

"Poor little me."

Terms and Definitions:

One must remember that "austerity" means -  your government is giving hand outs to its corporate and banking mates. Your government has just made itself your pimp. It is your government who gives Absolute Permission to their mates, to fuck you over.

"Bailiffs" are nothing but the paid mafia thugs who grand-stand over you on behalf of the Crown Corporation City of London banksters.  They're mafia crooks whose directives come right out of the bowels of their mafia bosses who sit in literal GOLD SEATS OF POWER in Italy...  In Roma itself...  In the self-appointed seats of power in the gold encrusted ruin of the Vatican City.  That's where the directives are coming from. Are you going to allow yourself to be raped and plundered at the hands of the mercenary ARMY OF ROME in another uniform?? They're all paid gluttons and thieves...  Every single one of them, and they are all on the payroll of Rome.  But the worst thing is.... because of the deception of this illusion, nobody knows who they really are. They are Mercenaries of Rome !!  That's where the heart of the problem is.  But because YOU are so trapped in this illusion, you can not see with Real Eyes who it is that is kicking you out of your OWN house.  It is the Mafia of Rome...  the Vatican Patrician Families and the Families of Europe who are all a part of this scam...  And they use the former Knights of London and Wall Street to intimidate you and send you running from your homes and villages in fear .  When will you Real Eyes that ALL of this is an illusion...  When will you stop RUNNING from the armies of Rome ??

"bedroom tax"  Is that what the UK politicians are calling it?  Funny that. It's already explained above how you're being fucked over.  How MORE OBVIOUS can the illusion be ??  The Puppet Masters - the Black Magic Ions - because these magicians just LOVE manipulating the worlds of matter/ ions - they LOVE these sorts of 'games'.  They love taking us all the way to the wire to see if WE will notice what THEY are doing.  "bedroom tax"   By God !!  You people better start coming awake SOON !!

Omg !!  Since when did "public mood" ever change for an instant what the actions of the banksters would be... Again...  The illusion-masters are trying to trick you into beLIEving you have a say in what they do. You do not.  You are simply sheep being herded into different paddocks. Good lord...  This beggars beLIEf...
“Our latest mortgage mood data suggests that many borrowers are not ready for an interest rate rise,” Club director Jeremy Duncombe told The Guardian.

And here's the "softener".  The puppet masters do this.  It's not "information".  It's CONDITION-ING.  "Here are the Conditions!!"
The Money Advice Service suggests even a percentage point rise in UK interest rates would add an extra £90 each month to the overall cost of issuing payments on a £180,000 mortgage. 
Similarly, a two-point rise, which would bring the BoE’s base interest rate to 2.5 percent, would mean borrowers are lumped with an additional £200 per month on the average mortgage repayment.

If people are told something out of the blue, there are riots. That's why the Black Magic Ions put this sort of information out into the Mafioso "news media" first.  They are breaking the ice with you... "buttering you up". So that when it DOES happen, you are then just very compliant and suck it up.  The Puppet Masters get exactly what they wanted in the first place. It's exactly the same game that a man will play when he wants to leave his partner. He will make sure he is seen in a public place with another woman in a compromising position, and make damn sure that one of his partner's girlfriends is there to see it.  The friend breaks the news to the partner, the partner goes down in flames - has a melt-down, and by the time he sees his partner later on, he just gets the marching orders...  EXACTLY what he wanted in the first place.  Well...  This IS a Roman game.  So remember... This IS all about sex and plunder. So while you think your "news media" is just "giving you advance warning/ information", please don't be fooled.  Your lover (your bank) is telling you there's someone else in the room who is FAR more important than what you are:  "Money".  Really??  Can such a tight-arsed bitch tell YOU that you can't live in your home anymore??  Think about it.  And get angry!!  Because this is the Trick they are trying to get you to beLIEve in.  That the bitch "Money" has more importance than YOUR physical and mental wellbeing.  It's time you told the bankers where to stick their Whore and that your house has already been paid for...  which it has - many, many times over, even before you came to live there.

$49,292.69 Mortgage cancelled using OPPT process. 8 July 2014


And then we get the poor woman's entreaty:  "What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?"

You betcha!!  The Mafioso WANT you to be in panic and disarray.  You're more easy to herd out of your house then...  If you're feeling weak and alone:

“I work every hour I can to support my family but each month I wonder if I’m going to able to make my rent,” she said. “I’m expecting things to be especially bad after Christmas, even though we cut back on spending as much as we could. I’ve borrowed money from family and even had to stop paying bills to keep the roof over my children’s heads. It’s horrible to start another year not knowing if I can afford to keep my home.”

Oh dear, dear, dear, dear, dear...  Good little sheeple...  Showing all the other distressed little sheeple how to behave - and the article is unable to allay any fears  :-/  

I'm not getting at RT btw. because I think they're probably one of the better ones out there.  But this IS the nature of  "journalism" and reporting.  The journalist is just giving you a glimpse through one window of possibility.  And that's what the punters out there don't Real Eyes.  I didn't Real Eyes what was going on until I did a journalism course in 2014...


They are not telling you the WHOLE STORY....  how can they?  TheY don't know the Whole Story.  But the public then beLIEves they have been told everything they need to know in one article.

So that's why i'm telling YOU NOW that you are caught up in the illusion the Puppet Masters have created for you... and this illusion keeps getting re-affirmed for you everywhere you look...   But it's NOT REAL.

Look again...  With Real Eyes this time.  Then find each other...

FIND the THREE MILLION OTHER HOUSEHOLDERS all over Britain whose "families teetering on a financial knife-edge.”

FIND each other... through organisations and people such as "Campbell Robb, CEO of Shelter".  Get their support.  Stop being victims.  Get a national Plan of Action going - and for goodness sakes... don't organise a nation-wide protest - big televised Protests do very little in shifting anything.  You need to strike at the heart of the matter...

Do sit-ins at all the banks who are screwing people over, every day of the week as soon as their doors open.

Do sit-ins at all your Catholic Churches on a Sunday and REALLY show the BLIND flock of the church what their "Papa" is doing to all the people he "presumes ownership over..." which he does.

Do sit-ins outside the private houses of your parliamentarians - outside 10 Downing Street...  outside every private home and residence of every individual who backs these policies of screwing over the people of the country.

These men and women have been elected to REPRESENT you and make things better for you - Not to pad out the retirement funds and annual bonuses of their banking mates. WHY aren't YOUR POLITICIANS doing their job ??  Why not ??

It's well-time they were held to accountability !!

This endeavour needs to be done by many more than just the Three Million people who might not be able to make their mortgage payments soon.  For everyone these government policies touch, you all have family and friends.  Can you gather 10 people around you to support you?  Can you gather 20 people around you...  or 50 people...  or 100 people from the school your child attends.  Let the school community know what's going on...  that you or your Aunt or your old aged Uncle is being force out of their home because of the policies, and can they support you in taking a turn with revolving sit-ins at your local bank branch and outside your local politicians' houses.  That's all that needs to be done.  And bring your pots and pans.

If Iceland can overturn their government and throw out the Money-Junkie Banksters...  Britain CERTAINLY can.  It just needs a little organisation..   So start organising now.  You've only got 3 weeks before a potential THREE MILLION people will be thrown out of their homes by the Banksters that YOUR GOVERNMENT endorsed could do this....  They are Mafioso Thugs...  On the payroll of Vatican Inc.

Don't put up with the Bull Shit.  You need to do it together.  So get together...  RIGHT NOW.

Don't be a "possum caught in the headlights" as we say down under.  Don't allow yourself to become "road kill".  Because if you sit there and do nothing, like this article is teaching you to do...  To sit there and suck it up and say nothing...  You will most certainly continue to be road kill.  And now, you know there are choices... and that what this journalist wrote is only a very small view of the situation through a very small keyhole.


Time for Action !!!!

We are going to have ourselves a little rEVOLution !!!

BE the LOVE !!!

And please Share this post on all your networks...  

Facebook, Twitter, Tsu, Informed Planet, Allo, Seen, Unseen...  Mirror this post on your own Blog or website.  Send out to any and ALL lists, email lists, Groups and Forums.  Because it's only by standing strong together that the people of Britain and the people of the world can achieve this.  

And the first step is to get this information OUT.  Get it OUT.  Don't sit on it thinking... "Yeah... maybe..."

Just Get it OUT....  and then a ground-swell will rise up...  And next week, you'll find yourself with a pot and wooden spoon standing outside your local branch of HSBC or Bank of England actually CHANGING the current political and economic landscape.  This is how we do it...

By striking right at the HEART of the Dragon.  That's the only way.  And it needs and army of 30 million people...  or 300 million people all over Britain to create this change.  Only YOU can do it.  Can you and WILL you do it?  That is the question...

With love from New Zealand.

Kia kaha !!  Be strong and never fail !!

Be Strong !!

Be like Iceland...  And say "NO" !!!!

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