Friday 2 January 2015

Russia watch. Keep an eye on changes catalysed by Russia.

Russia is playing a very technical game as the US hegemony tries to keep the facade of control intact over the non-NATO allied countries.

Since 2009, the BRICS alliance has stepped forward resolutely as the decaying Shadow Government (aka. the last remaining vestiges of the (un-) Holy Roman Empire 488AD-1805AD, officially), takes its last painful breaths. It soon surely will DIE !!

The Black Magic Ions are losing their grip on the hologram they have created for us. Even Bibi Netanyahu signed papers in 2014 with the US-Poroshenko government to bring the Ashka-NAZI's out of Palestine and return them to their traditional 6th-9th Century homeland of Khazaria - modern day Ukraine. The plot thickens... The web of intrigue is laid bare for all to see.

It is not simple, straight-forward diplomacy we talk of here... But the sort of diplomacy that ONLY chess master Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin can bring his authority to... and lay waste to all the false doctrines that we live under today.

Putin is less our "savior" and more our "exemplar" and "mentor". We each have the capacity within us to rise to the occasion as he does, time after time, and Stand as Sovereign Man and Womb Man upon the Earth.

So let's look to Putin for the exactitude of his game plan and the imperviousness of his stance. Let's emulate this model that he brings to the world stage in this very public game where many of the old diplomatic rules, get broken.

- BronnyNZ

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