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How The Rockefeller Foundation "Stitched Us Up"

General note: This article is based on my own research. Pieces of this puzzle started coming to me in 2013 as centenaries of these various foundations were being celebrated. I didn't have to go far to join the dots. Most of my primary research was done on Wikipedia then cross-checked with other sources online. Please enjoy contemplating this material, and PLEASE share with your friends. I think we all need to become aware of what the medical agenda is. Thanks, Bronny NZ

Here's how the manipulation went down. The stage for Rockefeller domination of world health (the allopathic medical agenda) was all set up in 1913.
  1. It was 1913 when the Rockefeller Foundation was formed... Through that mechanism US $500,000,000  was injected into medical schools around the world over the next two years.  See: Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14. Please note:  A lot of these funds were securities as stated in the Annual Report 1913-14. ie: It's not even real money - It's like a pledge to pay back on a piece of paper secured from the share market gambling hall. See how the gambling hall scam works here >  Please see "New capital" and "Investment" on the securities link.
  2. In 1913, the Bureau of Chemistry in the US was re-named the Food and Drug Administration: the FDA.
  3. In 1913 The Cancer Society was also founded by John D. Rockefeller.  

    Please remember that Rockfeller is a miner. By the 1890s, the mining industry knew exactly what uranium and plutonium was and what its potential was for use in the 20th century.  A savvy investor could not lose by establishing a cancer research division in 1913 - right in time for a century of war and a boom in industrialisation, all over the world.

    Please also note that American President Herbert Hoover (1929–1933) spent the first half of his life in mining, from 1897. I'd say the chances were rather high that Hoover and Rockefeller had a mining industry relationship prior to Hoover's rise through the political ranks. I have no doubt whatsoever they would have been rather keen to line each other's pockets, as happens in politics.

    Please check out the following article for more perspectives:  Doctors & You 

    On the banking and finance front:

    Political opponents of the Federal Reserve Bill were "disposed of" at sea in the great maritime disaster known to us as the sinking of the Titanic (1912). The Bill was passed into law on 23rd December 1913, and made way for the likes of Rockefeller to take up positions as dominant figures on the world stage, in EVERY AREA of the world's future... including health.

    Please take into account that in the US, laws prohibiting Cannabis Sativa use began in 1906. By 1920 cannabis was completely outlawed in the US.

    Side note: In 2014, Cannabis Sativa is becoming a well documented and researched cancer treatment showing excellent success in clinical trials. Sativa is often tried by patients, or the parents of children undergoing treatments, as a 'last resort' after the burn, cut, poison treatments have been inflicted by the Rockefeller medical agenda. Sativa is now becoming a 'first line' cure as people gain more confidence in its effectiveness.  The cannabis variety "Sativa" is found particularly to have excellent medicinal effect on MANY of our bodily ailments. 

    If you use cannabis unheated and it has no narcotic effect.  Either juice the leaves or use cold pressed oil. See YouTube videos which are plentiful... 

    Search on YouTube : brain tumour healed children cannabis juice 

    Closer to home

    In New Zealand the Tohunga Suppression Act (1907) was passed. To quote: "... any Maori by professing or pretending to possess supernatural powers in the treatment or cure of any disease, or in the foretelling of future events, or otherwise" was liable for prosecution." 

    The act was finally repealed in 1962. Within those two generations, a lot of indigenous knowledge was lost.

    All over the world, the agenda that governments backed regarding public health was Rockefeller's: "Close everything else down".  The world had found itself a very generous benefactor. Any treatments other than the Rockefeller-recognised medical school treatments would no longer be tolerated. Governments would now skip to the tune of the Rockefeller fiddle.

    I add a quote here cited in the Rockefeller Annual Report - that any treatments being offered to the public from now on would "exclude individual charity and relief, exclude local enterprises..." 

John D. Rockefeller wanted to have the sole monopoly on providing treatments to the world.  And he damn near got there.  It's just a pity for him that literacy has spread like wild-fire across the world for the last 100 years, and we can now all see very clearly what he was up to.

  • It's not "philanthropy" that runs the Rockefeller machine. It's greed.

    "The Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14" offers us some great insights. Please take note of pp.7-16: "INVESTIGATION OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS" and p.31: MENTAL HYGIENE which states: 
    "One of the important subjects considered by the Trustees, within the general field of public health, has been that of mental hygiene. It has been established beyond any doubt that mental defect and mental disease are factors of great social and economic importance..."

For other Rockefeller annual reports please go to the above .org/ website and scroll to the footer. There you will see "Annual Reports".

Further to this line of study: In the early 1990's I picked up a copy of "New Zealand Soil and Health" concerning "organophosphate" pesticides. It said that in around 1974-76 or thereabouts, it was recognised that pesticides were likely impacting human good health. Only a handful of countries at that time decided to no longer use organophosphates in agriculture. One of these was Israel. Over the following 3 years, the rate of breast cancer in Israel dropped by around 30%. That's unbelievable, right ?? Sorry... old edition so it's not available online. So this shows you the web of deceit.

Rockefeller have huge interests in oil. Many pesticides and herbicides are derived from the petroleum industry. Many modern medicines are ALSO derived from the petroleum industry.

How was it that the world didn't notice when one of the planet's most prominent oil magnates established:

(1) a health-oriented so-called philanthropic foundation that dictated "good practice" health care to the medical schools of the world

(2) a cancer foundation whose prime purpose is to perpetually ask for public funds for research

Organic NZ used to be called "Soil and Health". There are lots of great articles available. For example, this one called Cancer and the poisons in our food (2000). There you go - There's your "cancer research" done! ** The conclusions that can be made are not very complex: Get rid of the poisons out of food production, and everything comes into balance. Most cancers then don't have a chance.

Additionally, you will never ever again have that guilty feeling about NOT dropping your spare change into the donations bucket on "Daffodil Day" (NZ cancer awareness week) which funds Rockefeller-approved research. You now know it was all a set-up...  Just another money-making business using human lives to keep the financial wheels turning.


**  Note added to bring attention to the fact that "cancer research" from the Rockefeller point of view is about finding ways to utilise chemical and petro-chem by-products to treat people. Money, money, money. Their point of view is not: "What is out there in the world that will cure people?"  No, no. You can't make money off herbs such as - bloodroot (see Amazonian Black Salve), red clover, graviola, burdock root, chaparral, yarrow, turmeric, cannabis sativa (cold juicing is non-psychoactive and extremely effective), green walnut hull, cloves, wormwood... just to name a few - since God is already in possession of those patents!

Let's go back.... Here's what happened in 1913

The following quotes are from the Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14 which is linked above on this article.
The New York State Legislature passes an act on April 24 incorporating the Rockefeller Foundation. New York Governor William Sulzer approves the charter on May 14. 
With the Foundation incorporated, John D. Rockefeller Sr. makes gifts to the Foundation totaling $35 million, followed a year later by $65 million. 
Jerome D. Greene, secretary of the Foundation and former secretary of Harvard, writes “a memorandum on principles and policies” for an early meeting of the trustees. An influential document, it establishes a rough framework for the Foundation's work. It's major points are:  
"... exclude individual charity and relief, exclude local enterprises, make sure when going into a community with a gift that the community has “its own will…and its own resources, both material and spiritual” to meet the need, avoid gifts in perpetuity, and focus on problems that “go to the root of individual or social ill-being and misery.” 

The first meeting of the board of trustees is held May 22. John D. Rockefeller Jr., age 39, is elected president... 
On December 5, the Foundation's board makes its first grant: $100,000 to the American Red Cross to purchase property for its headquarters in Washington, DC.* and for “a memorial to commemorate the services of the women of the United States in caring for the sick and wounded of the Civil War.” 
Influenced by Abraham Flexner’s landmark study, “Medical Education in the United States and Canada,” the Foundation makes a grant to Johns Hopkins University to extend its model “full-time” system of basic medical education to clinical departments of medicine, surgery and pediatrics. Other specialties are added later... 
Aware of the domestic success of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for Eradication of Hookworm Disease and desirous of expanding that work overseas, the board of trustees in June appropriates its first funds for work outside the US—$25,000 to create the International Health Commission (later called a board), which launches the Foundation into international public health. This pioneering work establishes the pattern of modern public health services. 

Washington DC is not under US law, and is a tax haven. Corporate Entities based in that jurisdiction  are exempt from taxes, just like The Vatican and the square mile City of London. 

John D. Rockefeller contribution                         14 May 1913     US $35,000,000

Charter of the Incorporated Foundation             22 May 1913
was accepted  (TRF p.9)

Rockefeller Foundation grant made to the         5 Dec 1913           US $100,000
   American Red Cross

Rockefeller Foundation grant made to            unknown date        unknown sum
   John Hopkins University for 
   "medical education"

Rockefeller "Sanitary Commission for Eradication of Hookworm Disease" established in the US.

Rockefeller Foundation establishes the                27  June 1913            US $25,000
  International Health Commission outside 
  of the US. ("TRF" p.11)

 John D. Rockefeller contribution                                  1914     US $65,000,000       

"The Gift"


May 29,1913, through Messrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,  Starr J. Murphy,  Edward L. Ballard and  Jerome D. Greene, Trustees, in bonds, par value # 3,200,000.00

June 4, 1913, in securities and accrued income  21,052,028.54*

June 27,1913, in securities and accrued income  10,178,402,00*

March 6,1914, in securities and accrued income  65,569,569.46*

                                                                                                                           Total $100,000,000.00


June 7,1913, Income payable at Foundation's discretion to The Baptist Ministers' Home Society of New York    $ 8,000.00

Sept, ii, 1913, Income payable^at Foundation's discretion to The Baptist Home of Northern Ohio * 8,000.00

Nov. 29, 1913, Income payable at Foundation's discretion to Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio 24,000.00

Dec. 9, 1913, Income payable to The Baptist Home Society of the City of New York 8,000. oo

                                                                                                                                   Total $48,000.00
(TRF p.10)

"The offices of the Commission were located at Washington, D. C., with the offices of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission. A full report of the operations of the International Health Commission from the time of its establishment to December 13, 1914, is issued as a separate document. It discloses remarkable progress toward the fulfilment of the immediate object of the Commission, namely the initiation of measures for the eradication of hookworm disease in foreign countries. A visit by the Director-General to England in the summer of 1913 resulted in a cordial invitation from the Colonial authorities to visit the tropical colonies of Great Britain, with a view to the inauguration of the work under the auspices of the several local governments."  (TRF p.13)


[ - Oh yes...  They were very interested in getting the population off to work.]


"One of the important subjects considered by the Trustees, within the general field of public health, has been that of mental hygiene. It has been established beyond any doubt that mental defect and mental disease are factors of great social and economic importance..."

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