Sunday, 20 January 2013

ENERGIZING Your Body: Cures for Cancer and other Dis-Eases

Power Immune Boosting Alkalizing Drink

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BronTune 1 hour ago
Thanks for this, I'm wondering what the cannabis leaf does? Is it at all narcotic in a dried state? Is this perhaps a non-narcotic variety you use ?? ... particularly since you're planning on giving some to Ocean (his son). I have the good fortune of living in New Zealand where it's currently summer. This morning for breakfast I had fresh-picked veges and berries from my garden... plus a couple of plums from the tree out back.  I feel incredibly full ~ from just a few leafy greens & beans & berries !!!    : )

It's the "vitality" in the food of course that makes you feel full  : )   It's sun-infused plant material that's being ingested, uncooked and straight off the vine or out of the ground, which add maximal benefit to your body.  

An alkaline state to the body reduces one's vulnerability to dis-ease...  most notably, an alkaline bodily state heals cancerous cells in the body.  It's pretty-well documented now, that people who return to a natural, organic, uncontaminated, fresh diet and who use a daily elixer of spring water and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)  HEAL THEMSELVES OF CANCER.  No radiation therapies required, no chemo-therapy either. These are not needed at all.  Just return your body to an alkaline state through using fresh organic veges and fruits and bi-carb. and you are already healed.  

Changing your thinking helps too - particularly if you've been an ungrateful, joyless person in the past.  Bring joy and vitality into your being every day with fresh home-grown/ organic food and happy, loving thoughts...  The recipe for marvellous health.

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