Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nov 7th: Sasha Stone interviews Rod Class - Private Attorney General. Rod Class was taken into custody in the U.S. 72 hours later !!

From Sasha Stone:

Friends - on a premonition a few days ago I asked to speak to Rod Class on skype.

Less than 72 hours later he was picked up by US police and disappeared.

He is now being set up by the United States judicial system - as a war criminal. Why? Because he is successfully exposing the corporate US government fraud, and the entire US judiciary as a criminal mafiosi racketeering enterprise. And because he is a Private Attorney General - who has the constitutional powers to arrest rogue judges and reclaim law and order - when the government fails to.

He is probably the only man in the US today who has the knowledge to prosecute the conspirators running Washington. DO NOT LET THIS MAN GO DOWN. If he does - the prospect is desperately serious for all American citizens. He is also set to train up 1000 Private Attorney Generals in 2015 under the aegis of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

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The Rod Class Case

Published on Nov 7, 2014
An interview between Sacha Stone and Rod Class, recorded two days before Rod was abducted by police. For more information please follow the links below:

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