Monday, 11 November 2019

Nigel Farage drops Brexit Party bombshell !!

November 11, 2019. We are just one month out from UK Election Day on December 12.

Gutted - from Sweden. Wtf is Farage doing? He's a business man... He knows about consumer confidence! Did he just shoot himself and the Brexit Party in the foot? ... On the other hand, what else could Farage have done? A hung parliament again with Labour standing in the way at every turn is complete disaster for Britain. The Brexit Party NEEDS to get rid of the Labour Party in its current form. Therefore, he had no choice but to condense the Brexit Party's energies and to put up a good fight in non-Conservative constituencies. While possibly not winning a majority at the end of the day, (and there's always wiggle room for miracles), the #BrexitParty will undoubtedly become the next opposition. Undoubtedly. Farage is taking an absolute calculated risk... He's just hedged his bets. Was a bookie indeed consulted? I wouldn't put it past him! One other thing is for sure... the only thing that all of Britain is going to be talking about now, because of this shock announcement, is #Brexit #Brexit #Brexit. As PT Barnum of USA circus fame once said: Any publicity is good publicity. How will this all work out for the Brexit Party? Only time has the answer to that question!

I actually think in the end, this the right decision: Farage is sacrificing his own Party for the good of the whole (UK parliament), and that takes guts. That takes insight. Please dear God... help the Brexit Party. Help people understand that this logically, is the only sensible thing that Nigel Farage and his board members could have done. I doubt if he came to this decision on his own... There would have been consultation... But there he is, out there, taking it on the chin for the entire Party. Two things are certain... Nigel Farage has balls and the heart of a lion - and it's going to be a very, VERY interesting election !!!! I will be watching here from Sweden on election night, glued to the livestreams!

Please see post-announcement comments from Richard Tice here >

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