Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Did "Jesus Christ" ever walk this earth? - definitely not the Roman version!

Please first go to my blog "Apollonius of Tyana-Iesus Christus" 
for the background to these following comments:

Here are my additional comments:

While there appears to be no living manifestation of Jesus Christ in the early first century, I do think there is a "Spirit" of "Jesus" that lives on. I think this name might telegraph to a much earlier time in history where there was a "supreme man" with this name who walked the earth. I am often aware of the presence of this "Jesus" figure, he has appeared to me in dreams, meditations and visions. He saved me from child abuse, he saved me from death - literally, on a number of occasions (i've had an extreme life). When I asked God to help me be healed in 1977 when I was in a Christian church (ie: in a Jesus-following church), I was healed. I have dispelled a demon breathing right in my left ear in 1975 by repeating the name, "Jesus". It took around 30 minutes, but slowly, it left. I have also audibly heard angels singing. It was amazing. These things do happen, and do exist.

So... From my life experiences, I can testify that there is most certainly a very close, friendly and personal presence who absolutely does help us when we call. These days, we call that presence "Jesus". However... The existence of that actual man Jesus Christ from Roman Judea... He never existed.

That Roman Imperial story that was undoubtedly re-written many times through the centuries in order to make it sound more believable was devised purely to keep the "masses" under their control. That is the Roman Imperial way. We have not left the Empire.

The "good news" is that nothing... no nothing (not even the Roman Empire) can ever stultify, diminish, or negate the power of that presence with us whenever we ask or think of "him" (or "That", since it is genderless). It is all-embracing, all-compassionate, all-wise, full of patience, is kind, and is absolutely not in the business of controlling our earthly experience. That is where the two forks of the river part...

Rome is all about control. It's version of who and what "God" is, is all about control. The real Presence within all that is (in this very breath I am taking right now), is without favorites, offers no judgement, and allows us to have whatever experience we have come here to have. This is how "non-interventionist" this Presence is.

Why then would there be all of this suffering on earth if this presence were not "non-interventionist"? That is how gracious this Presence and Intelligence is... that the Open Hand who gives us life allows us to walk whichever path we choose for our ill or for our prosperity - in the Vulcan sense: "Live long and prosper"; and it doesn't intervene - until we are ready for an intervention. When we earnestly call, this Presence makes itself felt.

This is my experience, and this is what I have found from assiduous study - the two sides of one coin. All of this comes from a Classical Studies degree with Latin (Roman Classical language) and 14 years of assiduous study in the Bible and absolute devotion to church activities and teaching. ie: I was never in church to objectively study "the guinea pigs".

Please test these things against your own life. There is a Presence. And...

The Roman story is fake!

Thank you all

- love Bronny NZ

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