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The song of bitter invective: The "unsurpassed wisdom" of Europe !!

Video: Must See! Crazy European Immigration Crisis

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Published on Dec 1, 2015

Yes...  Obviously we should pity these poor "war torn refugees". They are so obviously crippled, weak, maimed... Just look at these poor vulnerable "darlings" as they hobble their way to our borders and so timidly knock on Europe's door. Notice how politely they ask to come inside. They have nowhere else to turn but to the kindness of #MotherEuropa to take them in.  And look at how grateful they are.  One's heart can only extend in love towards these young men for everything they have suffered... And see the looks of absolute gratitude they have on their faces.  How wonderful it is to be the unchallenged "saviours of the world", the "redeemers of all suffering". How wonderful it is to be white and Christian and European. God bless us for opening our hearts and our legs to the suffering of the "war torn" immigrants and ISIS fighters. We know beyond all doubt that these young men will all be "saved" through our democratic, liberal and egalitarian mindsets and processes. They will see that... in time. They will see how good their lives can be, compared to the hell-holes they have been running from, recently created by #NATO and the #UShegemony - from Nigeria and Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia... they run from such terrible "war zones" with their caps in hand.

We welcome you our little war-torn brothers - all of you who have made the treacherous journey, leaving your wives and little ones behind in the hope that you will reach European shores in time to save your families from being bombed to smithereens !! It's so good you didn't bring your women and children. Your journey would have been made all the more perilous. But you don't have to think of such sorrow any longer... You can leave all that behind as we cradle you in our pale, benevolent arms while you suckle at the breasts of the ever-forgiving mother. Her naive little children part their legs in front of you as they play in the swimming baths, carelessly revealing to you the marvellous whiteness of the flesh between their legs. You have never seen such a thing before. Everything in you is "moved". You know their quivering body parts await you. You see that in the way they laugh and smile at you. It is obvious to you that they want you to happily fill them up with your pleasure. Only a fool or an uneducated man would miss my meaning...  We owe you all this. Don't we? - and so much more. Why? So that your lives might be happy - Your lives, and nobody else's. Not even our own children matter to us any more, now that we see the pain you carry... Such is the perspective of the psychopath...  And willingly, sacrificially, we make your lives good by working our asses off every day in the heat and the snow, in our moderately-paid jobs with high taxes so you can come and live off the "fat of the land" and be the honoured guests at our tables of plenty!

Brussels had nothing to do with any of this, of course... Nor George Soros, Hillary Clinton nor the money-grubbing sodomisers and pedophiles before them. All of this was done at the invitation of and by the will of the people! God bless the "will of the people" and how we praise ourselves for the wonderful charitable countries we have become. #Junker and #Merkel were right all along >>  "Open the doors" and let them come in !! God bless #Europa !! God bless the debt slaves of Europa who can now only afford to have 1.4 children per couple. God bless the EU for allowing us to pay Muslim mammas to give birth to 10 children per family who we keep paying benefits for, so they might not starve... because God only knows we can't afford to have families that large, now that we pay 50% in taxes and commodities taxes.  Thank god for the all Muslim mammas who can have the babies for all the "infertile" white women who so obviously are incapable of breeding themselves, since they can't even afford to repay a mortgage for an apartment in which to raise their child. Such logic. Such logic.  "Western women are 'infertile' because they can't afford to raise a child." The logic is indeed amazing. Thank god we can now pay Muslim mammas to raise unhappy, disaffected, violent, white-hating, Quran-loving children in poverty, in the Muslim "separatist" ghettos. Thank god for that! How wonderful it is that these children will keep adding a continued financial burden to social services and health care because of their parents' unwillingness to let them assimilate or get an adequate education in the language of their new country.  #IslamWillDominate  #NoDemocracyShariaLaw  How sensible. We should have all welcomed these moves long ago! The rationality of the EU is unsurpassed.  The rationality of the people of Europe, Germany and Sweden is unsurpassed.  How wise we are !!

Europe has won !!  Germany has won !!  Sweden has won !!
Look everybody...  Look how marvellous and unsurpassed in our rational thinking we all are !!  Never have such marvellous things ever been done before, under the sun...

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends."
- Jesus. John 15:13

#Sarcasm  #DeportMuslimCriminals  #StopMuslimImmigration  #SwedishEgalitarianMindControl  #BetaLeftist #SwedishCognitiveDissonance

A child of an Islamic State. This too could be "Absurdistan"  aka "Sweden" in 20 years time... You can see how this child is absolutely gagging to bend over for this man... And even the #arsewipe in the background is laughing at the plight of the poor little fellow who is about to have his anus ruptured. These are no tears of joy.
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Image - August 08, 2015. Child abuse scandal: Pakistan has failed its children once again. Note: The brutal sodomy of little boys is prevalent in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It seems Europe can't wait to add to their social memes... #BuggerTheBoys  #PuttingFromTheRough  #Heartless  #IslamIsAReligionOfPeace  #PedophilePsychopathsAreUs

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