Sunday 11 October 2015

Western PROPAGANDA regarding Syria and the Mid-East - by PN

Peggy said:  Signed!

I stopped reading all mainstream media warmongering and started skipping straight through to the 'comments' section. Seems like the world is finally waking up to the criminal underbelly of terrorism and propaganda perpetrated by the so-called Western democratic leaders.

Thank God for Putin. Many of the comments in The Independent reflect the same sentiment as those contained in this letter. While Putin undoubtedly has his own agenda, at least he hasn't knowingly destroyed an entire foreign country - and its population - like Bush and Blair when they launched their 'weapons of mass destruction' (insert 'oil grabbing') agenda in Iraq, or Cameron when he pushed for a 'no fly zone' in Libya.

If common sentiment is anything to go by, Putin has shown the Western leaders up for what they really are: political cowards. They cower specifically to Saudi Arabia and Qatar - with their "wonderful" human rights record - and turn a blind eye to their barbaric Wahhabi mercenaries who are labelled 'the moderate opposition' by the Pentagon and have been CIA trained AND funded which has ultimately led to the current state of affairs in Syria and the refugee crisis in Europe.

And all for what??? Yes, you guessed it: the same three letter word that has ALWAYS been at the centre of all Middle East conflict. OIL.

Putin has asked why sanctions have not been slapped on those countries knowingly and willing buying oil from ISIS (namely Turkey) but he has received no answer. He has asked for assistance in fighting ISIS but he has been met with resistance.

The question we then need to ask ourselves is, "Why?"

If the West was so concerned with a 'regime' that kills its own citizens and wants to implement a truly democrat society in the Middle East, why pick on Syria? After all, Assad was elected by an overwhelming majority. Eighty percent. Now look at Saudi Arabia? Pro-democracy demonstrations result in the imprisonment, sentencing and execution of its citizens. They execute (on average,) one citizen EVERY TWO DAYS! By beheading. And crucifixion. You read that right.

Now... is it really about a tyrant who kills his own people? Or is it just about getting your dirty mitts on some cheap oil? You be the judge.

Signed and shared  - PN

Public execution, Saudi Arabia

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