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Sept 29, 2015 Stock Market Crash, "Death" is an illusion, Natural Man

This is an interesting article. I know, I know... We've heard this same old tune a number of times in the last few years - Comet ISON, Nibiru, CMEs, 2012 - flood, pestilence, financial markets bottoming out, storm troopers invading our homes, the alien invasion... However, let's give this another listen-to.  Btw. There's some thoughts and ruminations from me below on how I think some of this story will be played out over the next two years...  The article that sparked all this thinking follows. It's from "Before It's News"

The World Is Going To End On September 2015 And This Is Why 
Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year 
economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September.

Economic Collapse Is Being Predicted By The Shemitah In 2015?
(Bible Prophecy) Part 2

Published on Nov 29, 2014

Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September. 

Jonathan Cahn, author of the mega-bestselling book “The Harbinger,” thinks he has figured it out. In his sequel, called of “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” the messianic rabbi reveals the shocking discovery that the five great economic crashes of the last 40 years – 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 – have all occurred in Shemitah years – those God set apart as sabbath years.


Yes. Most definitely !!  September 2015 COULD be the END of the US dollar !!  Here's some blog links to back up that claim... and solutions for what lies ahead...


Even the BRICS nations are preparing themselves... big time !!
They're not going to put themselves in the path of this HUMONGOUS melt-down !!

As well as their own Independent SWIFT set up "in the last half" of 2015, the BRICS nations will have their own INTERNET (non NSA) set up before 2015 is over. All of this spells ABSOLUTE Independence from the US-Lead Hegemony... It's time to BAIL... !!!

Even American journalist Lyndon Larouche has been trying to steer the American perception AWAY from the US Agenda !! He know the game... The US is about to Go Down....

Hot on the heels of US Senator Feinstein's exposing of TORTURE being done in Black Ops camps in the US against Muslims, Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped this little beauty on the world in December... while you were all out Christmas shopping and I was inside scooping up all this priceless information... "IT" always happens over Christmas when 'the slaves' are out racking up even more debt on their Credit Cards... good little slaves...

Simultaneously, Gordon Duff was exposing who REALLY holds the purse-strings of the US Congress... along with CitiBank is an unknown individual... Sheldon Adelson... Yup !! Another AshkeNAZI Jew !!

I highly recommend for people to get a hold of the Ringing Cedars Of Russia series of books. These teach you everything you need to know about yourself, Mother Earth, and the Puppet Masters. Then you don't have to be worried anymore

The teachings of Anastasia the Vedrus is the focus of the Ringing Cedars Of Russia books.
She's teaching humanity how to BE once more

People on my Facebook are making a variety of comments from:

"I moved to the country years ago..."  to "Here we go again..."   One of my friends referred to a Bucket List.  It's this reference that lead to me writing the following... [after the images]. You might find it interesting too  : )

Please note: The woman below is 100 years old. She's been living in a toxic environment, and has undoubtedly faced her share of life's stressors. Imagine what the possibilities are for humanity if we remove stress and toxicity from our lives and environments? Our bodies are designed to last infinitely longer than this "three score year and ten" mortal coil. We are designed to be Infinite Beings... Especially as we continue Awakening and inviting more LIGHT into our bodies, minds, hearts.  
We are Infinite... and Eternal...

As a comparison, this is myself at age 54 - as I am this year. Our ideas of "aging" and "death" therefore need to be reshaped along with many other "truths" from that past that we have unthinkingly accepted. All of these old concepts become redundant as we continue to reshape our New Earth...  in MIND, as well as in BODY !!  : )

Here's my thoughts on the subject. I've been having these thoughts since 1986, since I was 25. I've been inviting new cells into my body since then. I think maybe my cells have responded  : )

"Death" is part of The ILLUSION.

There's no reason for the human body to die. We replace all our cells every 7 years the experts tell us... so on a cellular level, we are constantly regenerating. That's why the Puppet Masters have to keep feeding us poison in our food and water, cigarettes, MSG, propyl in our shampoos (a liver killer) and carbon monoxide and toxins in our air, over this last century...  They do it (intentionally or not) to keep our cells aging, so we will be dead by their "three score years and ten" (70 years) as they prescribed in the Bible. 

If we live longer than that, we begin to SEE their games... simply because of our longevity. We would keep seeing the same old tactics being played and replayed. That's why it's important to keep killing us off. I mean, you only need to get to 120 years of age, and you will CLEARLY see the game. Heck i'm only 54, and I VERY CLEARLY see the replays... Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq since 2003, share market and gold panics, the squeeze on housing then suddenly, lots of cheap loans the Banksters offer people to build... The actions of the Goons are now most predictable !! Imagine how many more parallels I would see in another 54 years. HEAPS !! But The People are not going to be living under those Goons for much longer anyway. It's all coming to a head.   

I think the timeline of 2015-2016 is spot-on. "The system" will be crashing down, totally by then. The only reason why we don't see it now is because the MSM is not covering it. There are protests everywhere... all around the world atm. The People are preparing themselves in Will and Mind to take back their lands, to take back their inheritance of Mother Earth, a return to a model of GUARDIANSHIP for the Land, the Air, the Plants, the Animals, the Water... We have seen where the model of SUBJUGATION has ended us up.

This SHIFT will happen a flood.  A Physical Shift !!  In just 7 days, the physical landscape of population distributions on the planet will suddenly change... an Exodus OUT of Egypt and away from the Slave Drivers !! We will return to our Pristine Mother... She provides all. She is the Source of ALL we need for physical well-being.

It will be hard for a lot of people at the start. The wise ones will get out and end up in rich rural farmlands. People already on the land will teach Newcomers... Then we ALL will be housed and fed. The resources of the Earth are plentiful - we just need to learn how to manage them efficiently once again, and give her and us "breathing space"  :)

It will all come into balance again perfectly. It will only take 10 years. That's pretty quick, considering how long it took for this slavery system to become established (since 4000 BC).  But nature KNOWS...  and Humanity will reconnect with Nature and once again, and figure out how to BE within her  : )

Eco Village - Eco Truly Park
South America -Peru - Lima

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