Tuesday, 27 August 2019

GRETA !!! Misinformed. Look up Wikipedia: CO2 in atmosphere = only 12 out of 1 million parts are created by human activity! ie: CO2 not causing global warming... Sun solar cycles are to blame!

Thanks Greta for your concern, however... Get your facts straight! Do you know how to search "Earth's atmosphere"?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Earth

Do you understand how to read this chart above? "ppmv" means: To divide the whole atmosphere into a million parts. That's a lot of parts! How many of those parts are carbon dioxide? - It's a grand total of 413.32 - and that's for all CO2 derived from all sources. Humans produce 3% of these 413 ppmv. See Swedish scientist video below. What's the total CO2 created by human activity then?  It's 12 ppmv. Only 12 !!!  - meaning, 12 parts out of 1,000,000 parts is CO2 produced by humans! 

Now let that sink in !!!

Do you actually think that 12 ppmv is causing the earth to warm? No. CO2 is not the reason. CO2 taxes charged to all people in the world is the goal! - through the UN-endorsed Paris Agreement. 

The whole argument, re: human activity is causing CO2 to rise, is an absolute crock! It's propaganda whose purpose is to scam tax-payer money away from essential services that governments need, so hey can provide for their people. Point blank. That is the sole reason for the UN-globalist driven climate change scam. Money!

Carbon dioxideCO

So tell me Greta, how is 0.041% of carbon in the atmosphere seriously affecting the earth?  I mean, if you actually wanted to go after something, wouldn't it be nitrogen?

Of that 0.041% of carbon in the atmosphere, only 3% of that is produced by humans. That's right! 97% of 0.041% is actually produced by nature!  Funny that, considering that plants need carbon dioxide to live. They expel oxygen. So if you remove all CO2 from the atmosphere, the trees die!  It's just a part of nature's intricate cycle, so stop trying to mess with it..

Game over Greta. Stop with the charades! Do your homework - properly!

You poor girl. So manipulated by the NWO elite who are funding your campaign #GeorgeSoros  Clearly your parents are also puppets of the NWO 2030 agenda as well!  Please see images and videos below for verifications of Greta's manipulation.

Image result for greta thunberg one eye symbolism
NWO all-seeing (one) eye symbolism.
Greta obeys her masters!

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Solar sun cycles (image)
Image result for sun warming cooling 2000 years
Image source

Video 1: Is Climate Hoax Funding CIA Ops? (from 14:30 minutes)

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