Wednesday 2 December 2015

Hampstead: Barnet police were surrounded by evidence !!

Barnet police, London UK said there was no evidence of sexual abuse when the Gareeva children gave them their verbalised witness testimonies in mid-September, 2014.


Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher Barnet Borough Commander

No...  The moral compass of Police who are pagans is not affected at all by women like this, with her bust half hanging out of her corset !!

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Note: Barnet police are overseen by the London Borough of Barnet...

Andrew Travers - Chief Executive. London Borough of Barnet.

This commentary by Bronny NZ

(1) Was the allegation not made against the father? This is what was done on September 11, 2014. Ella Gareeva (known at that time as 'Draper') went with her two children to Barnet police station to start an inquiry into their perpetrators RD, KF, school teacher Mr H and all other alleged perpetrators as mentioned in the children's videos. By the simple act of going in and giving VERBAL EVIDENCE, the complaint was laid by Ella Gareeva on that date and an investigation called for.

(2) Why was it presumed by DC xxx and DI xxx (police personel) that Ella Gareeva was NOT asking for RD to be investigated and charged with Sexual Assault Upon A Minor? - a CRIMINAL charge !!  - not a Family Courts charge.

(3) Why was it assumed by DC xxx and DI xxx that Ella Gareeva was NOT asking for full investigations of both the public and private lives of teachers KF and all colleagues at Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London?

(4) What are a large number of unrehearsed video testimonies of two children whose stories remained the same in detail, that was given across a period of 3-4 weeks in Aug-Sept 2014, if they are NOT EVIDENCE ??

Ref:  Children's Whistleblowing Testimony on Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

(5) What is the sudden refurbishment of no less than three primary schools in the Hampstead environs as named in the children's testimonies, if this is NOT EVIDENCE?

(6) One of the least affordable suburbs of London is the location where the unemployed but well-heeled RD lives - the alleged perpetrator of Sexual Abuse of Minors on a grand scale. What is living in this part of the city, supposedly supporting himself financially via a state-derived benefit (he wouldn't be able to makes ends meet in Hampstead without 'subsidiary' income)  - if NOT EVIDENCE ??

(7) What was the medical report regarding the children, written after testing anal dilation, weakness, scarring, irregularities, done by a children's specialist in the 'abuse' field, and following standardised medical testing of the anus, which AFFIRMED SEXUAL ABUSE and SODOMY that had taken place over a very long period of time (for many years), long before Mr Christie was known to Ms Gareeva, if NOT EVIDENCE?!How-does-Mason-DC-Steve-Martin-know-cult-members/c9i2/564cf5940cf2780ba445623a

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Is it time for us to band together again, and ask both Adrian Usher and Andrew Tavers what the hell the story is ????


WHO is paying your wages ???  

Don't you think it's about time you DID your JOBS instead of trying to protect your paedophile affiliates ?? !!!!

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