Sunday 17 August 2014

A high-jacked culture - Willingness to go to war

The following quote is from the ISIS website, Washington D.C.

"LOCATIONS. ISIS is headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona, outside of Fort Huachuca, with offices in The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C."

"Through its associations with various military, defense and business clients, ISIS maintains a presence in several states across the country, as well as a number of countries in the middle east." [funny that]

You'll see there is currently a proliferation of ISIS units all along the Syria- Iraq border. Coincidence ?? I think not. Upon further reading, you'll also find that ISIS only employs true blue American boys. Why the surprise ?? Your young men grow up with a PlayStation in their hands. What made you think that was NOT military training ?? 

What makes you think that your WHOLE NATION has NOT been ENGINEERED (social engineering) to be canon fodder for the Puppet Masters? There is such a HIGH tolerance of GUNS in the US... And you FIGHT tooth and nail to BEAR ARMS to defend yourselves. Well... BEAR ARMS you do, into EVERY country in the world... and your Young Men take this as very "NORMAL" until a year after they've been ordered to kill all the women and children in a village in Nicaragua... or Vietnam... or Iraq. THEN, The TRUTH hits home.

But it's hard to change a social structure when you're only One Man who has woken up and the "social norms" tell you to carry a weapon.

Set aside for one minute that your Government is an arse who would set upon their own people...  What makes you think YOUR Government wouldn't set upon you ?? It's set upon THOUSANDS of villages all over the world for the last 100 years. This is what Millions of you are TERRIFIED of Right Now.... But let's just set that aside for one moment....

Would you Bear Arms against your Fellow Man in America - Land of the "Free", Home of the "Brave" ??

Those words...  It's all SOCIAL IDENTIFICATION. It's the tool by which you Bow to your Masters. Being "Free" and "Brave" is merely an indoctrination tool.

Americans are no more Free nor Brave than any other people on the planet. We are all flesh and blood and shit our pants when death comes upon us too soon.

You need to ponder the question for a moment.
"Would you shoot your fellow Man in America today?"

If the answer, from your Innate Eternal Living Being says "No", then why on Earth do you Bear Arms?? It is NOT Who You Are.

Why DO YOU go along with the Puppet Masters' games in your agreement with them to Bear Arms? Right now? At this point in History?

Aren't you SICK of Your Government LYING to you, and USING YOU for CANON FODDER ??


And if your argument is "But they're trying to kill us..." - Please just work it out. They are going to KILL you one way or the other anyway. If they can make money off you to Bear Arms to kill other Living Beings, that's all the better, from their point of view. The "Design" is for America to be the "Fighting Machine". YOU are the Resource that Fighting Machine needs for it to run. The "Human Resource".

What happens when America realises this Engineered Destiny, and simply says, "NO !! I WILL NOT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING ANY LONGER."

Wakey Wakey !! Put your Guns Down.


YOU Are the Ones you have been waiting for.

The CHOICE, the moment in time, is ENTIRELY up to You.


  1. The "high-jackers" saw us for what we were, they knew that we had the capacity to "do what must be done", arguably a noble trait indeed, especially in a sticky situation when such is required. But that trait about us was ENTIRELY used and abused. In a comfortable yet somewhat ignorant state of mind coupled with a "land of the free" mentality, many of our best were duped into 'following orders'. I don't think that it was so much that we were stupid, as we were loyal to the tribal like cause. Again the title says it all...a high-jacked culture. Our capacity to defend our own was turned on it's head, and now the whole world knows that we are an evil empire, except for legions of us, still at the mercy of the most popular brainwashing on the market..."for our country" -_- Although I am pleased to say that many police departments and veteran military are awake to this scam, much of our youth is not. For many of them, the high-jacking is still in full force and it's "for our country". This mentality must break, but we must get back to the root of our strings attached. Meaning, it can be okay to own a weapon, ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY, not on the foreign land of anothers. It will take our seniors in command militarily speaking, to now guide our youth away from the multi-national empire "world police" mentality, back to our own local level with a non aggression principle at play. I pray such senior veterans see that this must be done, and that we dismantle the out of control empire that so many of our youth kill and die defending. The war machine needs to come to a screeching halt!

  2. Beautiful reply Texas ex-serviceman. Very insightful.
    Thank you <3


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