Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Joseph Gregory Hallett the new King John III of England precipitates President Donald Trump's ability to absorb the US Federal Reserve Bank (FED - privately owned) into the US Treasury.

June 17, 2020

Here's a comment I left for Charles Ward, the publisher of this video...  fyi

Very good Charles. I took a great interest from @14:55 - The Act of 1871 when the Constitution was illegally replaced, changing the USA into a corporate entity - published May 15, 2012 > (Returning now to the interview) - There is good reason to believe that Trump has not reversed this, at this point. Regarding the USA's 6.5 trillion stimulus Bill signed in April (?? - search engines are very quiet on this Bill so I can't find the actual date... Interesting...) for which an SPV was created, a Special Purpose Vehicle that is attached to the Treasury. The Treasury began funding US businesses through buying bonds and other corporate purchases - eg: shares and taking a personal percentage ownership in these companies. This triggers a simultaneous effect: The Treasury then forces the FED to buy US debt across the globe. The FED has to do this to backstop the dollar so they don't lose control of the USD - which is the international trading currency. The FED is forced to buy back US Bonds and holdings that other countries have had in their possession. Mnuchin now has control of the FED through the Treasury.  Additionally: There is a coalition of 22 countries who performed a heavy strike against the Vatican to wipe out its power of control @21:00 on the video. All of this while London was financially neutralised - due to the Treasury-FED mechanism now in place. The chairman of the FED now reports directly to President Trump. That can only happen without Congressional approval IF President Trump has changed the power structure within the three city states - the Vatican, the City of London, Washington District of Columbia (DC). Was it in fact Trump who was behind these changes, or perhaps somebody else? @23:40 The Presidential Seal is back on the podium and the Presidential Flag is back up. This means the US is now once again operating as a Constitutional Republic. Previously for some time, the US had been under martial law.

The point I am coming to is this...

In your series of 3 interviews, Part 1 here > you were discussing all manner of histories, politics and economics with Joseph Gregory Hallett, King John III of England. I think it was in the third and longest interview, Greg pointed out that because of the notifications he was posting out to Queen Elizabeth et al, the Vatican, to the Trump administration and many others regarding his bloodline claim to the English throne and how Queen Elizabeth is illegitimate, that Hallett through these processes had REMOVED THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA from the Vatican who are the controllers of the world's financial system. Greg continued in that interview with you: President Donald Trump took note of that and began the actions described above, of enabling the US Treasury to bring the FED under its control via the mechanism of the SPV.

Did you get this? Is this part of the package of your understanding on this issue also @Charles Ward? Thanks :)

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