Thursday, 12 April 2018

"Tippy top shape" - Q. Was it requested or just said it was requested after the fact?

First things first - I live in New Zealand. So all timestamps we see on 8chan need to be adjusted by 16 hours. ie: I am 16 hours ahead of Washington DC. I will assume that Q is making posts on 8chan from DC.

President Donald Trump's Easter Egg Roll Speech From The Truman Balcony | TIME

TIME - Published on Monday April 2, 2018

In keeping with tradition, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump host the 140th Easter Egg Roll on the White House’s South Lawn Monday.

_ _ _ _ _ 

Ie: Trump delivers the fateful "tippy top" line on Monday April 2, 2018. It was an 11-hour event that kicked off at 7:30am and finished at 6:45pm local time. So we have to take a stab in the dark and suggest that the speech was given at 12:00pm.

So for the "tippy top" connection between Trump and Q to be real, we need to find the request for Trump to say "tippy top" before around 12pm on Monday.

We need to adjust the following 8chan time stamps by 16 hours... so take 16 hours off all of these times and I think you'll be able to work out for yourself when "the magic happened".

 Monday 11:45pm EDT.
  Link on 8chan >

 Anon replies to Q's post. Time seen on the post below: 11:58pm Monday EDT.

 Link on 8chan >

Q replies at 00:03am EDT (Tuesday)
 Link on 8chan >

The message being replied to is seen here >

If anyone can cite an earlier mention of "tippy top" I would be grateful. Anyone can say "here's the proof" after something has already happened, and act as though it's confirming something. Where is the "something"?

I hope this helps clarify this particular "proof". Any preceding posts by Anons asking Q to get POTUS to say "tippy top" or similar are most welcome. If this is the only proof Q can offer (well after the event), it's a *fizzer*

Please Reply below. Thanks, BronnyNZ

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