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Connecting the dots: #HampsteadCoverUp London UK and #Pizzagate D.C. USA

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American commentators are discovering the Hampstead London UK material of February 2015. People are connecting what happened to Alisa and Gabriel at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead London UK, to the claims of #Pizzagate.

I needed to create this article to "nip in the bud" the disinformation agents' ideas or witless conclusions. 

In this post, I am specifically addressing a YouTube video channel called "UniRock". From the 12 or so UniRock videos i'd started watching over this last fortnight (entirely synchronistically), I have never finished watching any of them - except for the video in question

I considered this YouTube channel to have some very weird agendas, which is why i'm not even embedding his video here. Maybe he "just" has a very poor communication style. eg: He blissfully calls the #HampsteadCoverUp the "UK Pizzagate" in both the video title and in his vocal commentary. 

He must know that the Hampstead Cover Up never implicated a PIZZA JOINT. What and who the Hampstead Cover Up implicates is five or so junior Church of England schools, their affiliated churches in Hampstead township (right on the leylines running up to Hampstead Heath), the ministers of those churches, a McDonald's restaurant and its owners, a swimming baths and its owners, and various private homes. ie: the Hampstead Cover Up has nothing to do with "Pizzas" and no "pizza code" has ever been found (to my knowledge) in relationship to Hampstead. So how can this video channel call it "the UK Pizzagate".

This is how I find this video channel to be - perpetually muddying the waters. Is this channel really that ill-informed, or is he purposely trying to ill-inform people? Only time will bear this out.

For more information on the #HampsteadCoverUp  this might be a good place to start >

These comments are mine, published on UniRock's video and addressed to him. There's also two comments for another inquirer "OctoBoss". It's really to preserve the comments I made to OctoBoss that i've created this blog article.  Please enjoy. Lots of links. Please look them up for this all to make sense - Thanks  😃

Hello UniRock. Please don't be so foolish as to reference a Wikipedia article that the Satanists wrote. Really? Are you that witless? Please see over 100 articles on my blog about the Hampstead case. I have had direct Skype contact personally with Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, Sabine McNeil (lay legal counsel) and with the perpetrator of these heinous crimes - baby raper and Satanic cult leader Ricky Dearman. Yes... Baby raper. The very words you couldn't bring yourself to say... Yes, little babies' vaginas and anuses are torn apart by grown mens' penises before these innocents are beheaded and their adrenochrome-filled blood is drunk by these Satanists. This brings on an unspeakable high - Ref: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." (not from personal experience). If I were you, I would be very embarrassed at making this ill-researched video. Why even make a video on a topic that you know nothing about? See this article: "English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!"

@OctoBoss in reply to your comment: "Didn't work out to well for Sabine, currently on remand and facing 19 charges." My reply: I have no attachment to the outcome that Sabine wove for herself. By breaking the bond of trust between herself and Ella Draper, Sabine denied Ella the ability to remain in the same country with her children, and to continue her own personal good fight for them. All of that ability is now gone! Do you know how heart-wrenching that must be for a mother? The action that Sabine took is actually unforgiveable. Sabine is receiving the justice she deserves for putting yet another mother (not the first time) in a perilous life-threatening position. She released video material that she only had access to because of her position as lay legal council. Ella entrusted the videos to Sabine in "good faith". That trust was broken on the day that Sabine sent the videos to Aangirfan blog. The McKenzie Friends (legal advocacy) have a history of making Court-ruled non-public documents and materials very public... NOT the first time. In such cases, it was always the protective parent who ended up in jail or worse (mental institutions or dead), due to these violations against the UK Court rulings around privacy. Ella is not the first by a long-shot. She is however, one of a very small handful to have ever made it out of the UK under such circumstances. She left by the back door alone (there were not three people who climbed out any windows), under the cover of darkness when the police came knocking at her door. There are so many errors of fact in that Wikipedia article which you'd expect, since it's written by Satanists. 

I have no idea why the hell Unirock is referencing the Hoaxstead blog. All people who came to this information in February 2015 very rapidly recognized Hoaxstead blog was set up by the children's biological father - London Satanic cult leader, child trafficker, baby rapist, adrenochrome drinker (raw blood), cannibal of small babies, and maker of snuff movies, killer Ricky Dearman - and the large team of Satanists he surrounds himself with. Unirock might think he's helping, but he's not. He's coming to this information without doing any indepth amount of research first like us "first wavers" had to do in 2015. 

For example, I researched ONLY Hampstead from February 10, 2015 right through to October 2015 - a total of 9 months' research, and with many direct contacts of key players involved - Including Belinda McKenzie and Christine Ann Sands (FBI agent and honeypot). When did Unirock first properly come to this material and enter a few Google Searches? > Note: Google is a huge censorship arm of the Deep State these days - the Wikipedia article and Hoaxstead blog are quite possibly the only near-decent webpages that came up in his Google search. So when did Unirock (finally) decide to dig a little "deeper" into this material? Oh right - That would be a couple of days ago... and now, he's got enough background of this case under his belt to make a video on this very complex case? Really? In just a few days he's decided he's some sort of expert? Give me a break, right?

@OctoBoss in reply to your question: "Proof you had Skype contact with RD?" My reply: That information has been on my blog since 2015-2016. It's in the public domain. Do you really want me to hold your hand on this? *sigh* Ok... here we go...

Article: Disinformation Agent "David Divad" guns for Truth Finder BronnyNZ

Article: Ricky Deaman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb
Connecting link: You'll find his Comment here >>
Content: Jean-Clement on19 February 2016 at 22:32
I also have a fake Bronwyn Llewellyn Facebook account now. Good luck trying to find it, though - I've already blocked you. Now to have some fun pretending to be you and insulting all of your friends and saying thins [things] that will make you look even more a cunt than you already do. Bwahahahahahaha...
BronnyNZ on 20 February 2016 at 08:49
Ok. We see the pattern Ricky Dearman... "You will be and you CAN be anyone you want", right?
- What a dick

Article: Directory: Ricky Dearman's Comments on BronnyNZ's blog
Content: Background to these Ricky Dearman Comments: From August 2015, Dearman mainly replied as 'Anonymous', and only sporadically. I got to see the tone and timbre of his replies and after a while, I could spot him from a mile away. Please check out Ricky Dearman's Comments on these blog links. He kept changing his "persona" (Latin. 'actor's mask') when he gave these replies. He IS an actor, after all :-/ As you see, by the end of January/beginning of February, he had lost the plot. The actor's masks (personae) were all down, and we just get Ricky Dearman spewing invective - under the names of all kinds of sock puppets, of course... Please note the "Danielle George" reply. That's what clued me in to the fact that a number of the Danielle George and Danielle La Verite accounts on Facebook actually BELONG to Ricky Dearman... It was one of the names he had so easily trotted out and replied as, on my blog: "Danielle". It matched with what other people were sending me. Ricky Dearman had just let the cat out of the bag... Too much cocaine addling his brain, I think.

Please enjoy working your way through these... These comments are VERY "telling". He leaves clues to his real identity all over the place > > > Do you see what I see ??

Co-creating Our New Earth : Disinformation Agent "David Divad" guns for Truth Finder BronnyNZ

Co-creating Our New Earth : Neelu Berry uses Hampstead Cover-up as leverage. Common Law demands...

Co-creating Our New Earth : Ella Gareeva testimony: Ricky Dearman sexual deviant. Hampstead case

Co-creating Our New Earth : Demonic activity and Witchcraft in the 21st century

Then over January - even though I wasn't blogging on Hampstead - he really began to ramp up his efforts. He was making 6-7 abusive comments a day on my blog. Of course, I didn't publish them, only a handful. I just wanted to publish a few to let people see who Ricky Dearman really is...

Co-creating Our New Earth : Visualisation for Ella Gareeva and her family... Join us in our VISION

This is where it started getting REALLY abusive !!

Co-creating Our New Earth : Large "Planet" with SIX OBJECTS orbitting just outside our solar...

Co-creating Our New Earth : Hampstead Cover Up... UNCOVERED. Ritual child sexual abuse, London UK

Co-creating Our New Earth : The 6-9D Blue Avians MESSAGE to humanity - Corey Goode

Co-creating Our New Earth : WHO or WHAT keeps turning up the HEAT !! ???? Hamilton NZ

Co-creating Our New Earth : Is President Vladimir Putin going to SAVE us? What is "Sovereignty"?

This time, there was a comment from "Danielle George" - yet another Ricky Dearman sock puppet !! :-o ... and Abraham Jemal Christie... another RD sock puppet account. THEN Jean Clement sock puppet operated by RD - ie: Identity THEFT !!!

Co-creating Our New Earth : U.S. County Sheriffs STAND UP for the Constitution. Please Share.

Then here, as a "Max Frisch" who is another Ricky Dearman YouTube sock account (he's got probably dozens on YouTube) >>> All of these Comments were coming in thick and fast I can tell you... :-/ Abuse upon abuse... And then came this next Comment where he declared the future THEFT of my IDENTITY which he finally did set up on the FAKE Fb "LillyLew" account, which is obviously very close to the URL of my Facebook account. (Dearman's) (mine)

He's just changed the name of that Sock Puppet to "Gabriella Barney". I would say that everybody REPORTING this account has lead to Ricky Dearman having to remove the name "LillyLew". But it still doesn't change his URL, nor his intention towards the TRUE Hampstead Cover Up supporters, so the "fight" continues...

I DO wonder however why Ricky Dearman is hiding this time behind the pseudonyms 'Gabriel' and 'Ella'. I really think you should leave Gabriel's name out of this Ricky Dearman. Haven't you hurt him enough already?? Poor little boy : ( You're a VERY UNWELL man : (

This declaration of IDENTITY THEFT was undoubtedly the Comment where I said "Right... Enough is enough." This time, he'd actually made a Sock Puppet account to disparage ME !! :-/

"The straw that broke the camel's back", as they say :P

Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Deaman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb

Co-creating Our New Earth : Facebook: Normal people MUST obey "rules". PEDOs don't have to.

Following is the REAL me talking here in the Comment below, not RD posing as me (just to clarify):

Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Dearman STATES HIS AIM: To BAN me from Facebook

Note: Please see the above article in situ - Once read of this material is probably not going to be enough for you to get the full picture of what was happening. Please persevere. Thanks.

_ _ _

Article: Obvious. Obvious. Obvious. He's just a FOOL on Hampstead Hill...
Content: And here's Ricky Dearman replying as "me" on Twitter, and having conversations with his other sock puppet accounts that he's created as well, purely to hassle James Mc, Angela Power Disney, Drif Loud... anyone else out there who is advocating for Alisa and Gabriel. [see screenshots on the article]

This link is to a Twitter sock puppet account Ricky Dearman created by STEALING my IDENTITY. Nope. This is NOT me...

I just put this up here as an example of what RD does ALL the time... eg: "Danielle La Verite" FALSE Facebook accounts using the name of a real woman !! tRicky, tRicky, tRicky...

[The link includes a list of Ricky Dearman's fake account names]
_ _ _

Article: Facebook HACKER Ricky Dearman HACKS BronnyNZ's Facebook !!!!

Article: Ricky Dearman sock puppets "Danielle George" and "Danielle La Verite" EXPOSED !!

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