Wednesday, 6 April 2016

REPORT Ricky Dearman sock puppets "SPINY NORMAN" & "SAM SPADE"

Ricky Dearman is a child sexual predator and pornographer.

He has a lot of sock puppet accounts. He just harassed me using these ones:

Spiny Norman and Sam Spade

Report him.

For background on this, add key words to this blog's Search box:

Hampstead, Hampstead London, Child Sexual Abuse, CSA, Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA, sodomy, Alisa, Gabriel, Ella Draper, Ella Gareeva, Abraham Christie, Katie Forsdyke, Christ Church Primary School, baby sacrifice, Molech, Easter, Ishtar

This is the YouTube channel now called "Spiny Norman"
It's obviously been renamed. It looks like it used to be "Pleiadian Reborn".

This second link is to "Sam Spade"

Clown. Obviously has lots of problems keeping his multiple personality disorder under control.
- That happens when your parents shove dildos up your bum... Eh Ricky?

Fucking generational child sexual abusers !!

Fancy fucking children while your own mother and other family members stand by watching you  :-/
Wtf !! ??  Yes... That's what Dearman was doing in his baby-murder cult in Hampstead London, UK. And while those rich bastards and cows were fucking children and killing babies, they were drinking the blood and ate the baby meat after it was cooked !! Cannibalism... right there in the poshest part of London. Dirty beggars... You're so fucking hungry you have to eat cooked baby ?? And the police covered it all up. Undoubtedly, local Barnet Police high-ups were in on it as well  :-/

By the way...  Interesting aside...

In Swedish language, the word "barnet" means "child".

Hmmm...  There are no coincidences.

I've added the images of these two Ricky Dearman sock puppets so you know who you're dealing with next time you get trolled on YouTube. Then report the bastard!

Also, as soon as he's seen this post, he'll likely change the name and the image on these accounts.  So the best thing is just to check the URLs of this Troll - "PleiadianReborn"  and "/0/117820111603030445539/" - and you'll know you're still dealing with the same idiot: Ricky Dearman.

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