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You're NOT using FACEBOOK EFFICIENTLY... But I can SHOW you HOW.

"Ramallah" 2008

Treading water....  by the look of visitors who have liked my Posts in the last 9 hours, Facebook appears to have locked my "Reach" down to < 1%.  In fact, it's much worse than this.  My "Reach" on Fb is now down to 0.05% or 5 Views in every 10,000 Friends. I keep telling folks... PLEASE come to my Timeline to pick up new notifications. This is Why. I hope you get it now.

Oh dear...  I can't keep on posting material to YOUR timelines. It takes me hours sometimes... and it removes me out of blogging and getting practical, on-the-ground initiatives going.

So here we are. At an impasse - Facebook and I.  It's hardly worth me being on here quite frankly. My Posts are not getting out, and you're not coming to my Timeline.  Well...  there's nothing I can do about this situation. But YOU can,  IF YOU WANT to.

We are NOT getting this information out about Alisa and Gabriel into the WIDER Facebook community. We are now locked in our pens (because the nomadic Semitics like herding sheep) and we are now only talking to ourselves.  This is what Fb does: Puts us in pens.  

You know I have a PLAN don't you?  

It's called "The Method".  I use it all the time for efficient Sharing to Facebook Groups. 

You implement "The Method" simply by using all the buttons that Fb provides. Some people don't realise that most of the lighter blue type on Fb is actually a link or a button to somewhere else.

The Method in all its small components is a 15-step process, and it's entirely do-able. You can only smash the system totally by using "Advanced" strategies and i've got a few of those tucked up my sleeve as well. 

"The Method" can be a bit of a 'brain gym' exercise and is difficult to learn when you first start. Using it actually helps your mental plasticity and helps you in other ways as well, with your mental processing. You start "powering up" in your cerebral cortex (you can feel it) then problem solving in various parts of your life starts to get really easy. Hey... !!!  You're "using" your brain again !!  : )

I generally find that people with heavy cannabis or alcohol addictions have no show of getting it. Too many brain cells are actually (physically) missing.

So the question is:  How do we reach out to people we want to give our most important information to?  

Well I know how to.... and if you want me to teach you, you just need to "blindly" follow my guidelines. That's simply because until you get to the mountain top you can't see the views, and it's a bit of a waste of my time trying to explain the view, so we just have to do the 'hard yards' together and make the trek.

Thanks.  Please contact me in messages if you want to know more  : )

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  1. Very intriguing, your 'method', Ramallah. Maybe we just publish ONE STEP at a time? Maybe as an email to all petition supporters? That's the biggest mailing list after all.

    Maybe I was being banned because I had started to SHARE with my groups? I had never clicked on that until you told us. But then I had never used FB actively. Only passively to broadcast what I'm doing with Wordpress. And I still wish you were on WP rather than Blogspot....

    But we also need a good new video platform where we can organise the videos into playlists 'with context', and without the risk of being deleted. Have asked my 2 techie supporters.

    Thursday is the 'day of judgement' and it's worth trying to influence Judge Pauffley, methinnks:

    The future is already planned:
    1. Parents will appeal
    2. Private prosecutions against father
    3. Emergency Petition in Brussels, with exploration into the enforcement of UK infringement of an EU directive.

    I have asked about the connection necessary with FB to LIKE and COMMENT on the petition.

    Onwards and upwards!

    If we can't outpower them, we must outsmart them...

    1. I have already put the First Step out there Sabine on "Educating Britain" and then on the (now Closed) Hampstead Open Group. The message was: "Join Facebook Groups." The responses go like this:

      (1) People are not doing it and are generally ignoring me
      (2) People are complaining to me about not being able to do this for some reason or other, eg: "It's a Closed group, I have to be approved so I can't share to the Group (duh! what? isn't that normal? So wait for approval), I can't find any, there are none, how do you do that... etc, etc.) >> ie: No problem-solving skills.
      (3) People are not "surrendering" and just allowing themselves to "blindly follow" me, as they are going to have to do, all through this process. There's too many parts to it. I can't explain it all in a few sentences. They just have to follow blindly, as you would with your chemistry teacher the first time you use a Bunsen burner. No different. One Step at a time.
      (4) People are telling me "all the groups have these posts on them anyway." *groan*

      Really?? I found 30 English Groups two nights ago within the space of an hour that had NO Christ Church Primary School Hampstead-related posts on them at all. You will find 40 Groups and 3 Directories on my Facebook Timeline right now, that have 100s of Facebook Groups linked on them

      >> So i'm finding Sabine, that even when I put the information right in front of people and say, probably for the 20th time now, "Join Groups", that people are still not getting it. (????) I've actually been waiting to see who has enough initiative about themselves to step forward and contact me (in Messages), to say they've joined 50, or 80 or 100 UK and Irish Groups. That's all they need to do. "Join Groups". And then I can come on board with them, and start teaching The Method. I can do nothing until they have around 50-80 Groups up their sleeve. Yes, you will need that many. Explained further down. My URL on Fb.

    2. People need to step up into their Autonomy and start to Self-Solve. The general population has been spoon fed all its life. People look to authority figures to tell them what to do. It's an age-old problem. In the Old Testament, the children of the tribe of their patriarch named "Israel" wanted a king. YHWH kept imploring them:

      "Why do you want a king? Just listen to me and you will know everything you need to know about living a good life. A king will only put you under burdens of tax and work, and you will come under his subjugation. Why do you want to be bound to a king? You can be FREE and just listen to me directly, and know me - by listening to the good conscience that is innately within you, in your heart and listen to my "still small voice" in your 'inner ear'."

      The reply of the people was this: "But all the other nations around us have kings. And we want to have a king and be like them." aka. "followers" and "subjects", hence: subjugated. So they got their king. That was the shepherd boy, a real STAR, "David". And they were put under subjugation under the STAR, "David". Nothing's changed.

      That is what people today are still BEGGING for... "Tell me what to do... I don't know how to do it... Solve it for me... Give me instruction... DO IT FOR ME..." !!! >> That's a good one !! What a flaming shocker !! I've had that one a few times in this last three weeks from Truthers as well. Horrifying !!

      So people are not even in a mindset of Personal Self Responsibility and Personal Self Reliance and Taking Initiative and Working Through Problems until they have found a solution. Unless people have sorted themselves out and BEGIN to be FULL of initiative and say: "Yes. I AM DOING THIS! I AM finding solutions..." - they really won't have a chance to master "The Method".

      To use it effectively, requires a LOT of initiative and Self Direction. Even after i've taught you what to do, it's still YOU who has to have the initiative and intuition to figure out where, when and why you are Sharing and responding on the Group as you are. Some of this is purely, "timing". I'm not there to hold your hand. You'll be rockin' it alone... for the first little while anyway, until you've worked through your own glitches. After that, you come back and we go to "Advanced".

      In some people, the cerebral capacity may simply not be there for them to be able to carry the processes out. eg: If you're a heavy or regular cannabis or alcohol user, it's highly probable you won't be able to carry the process out. There are simply not enough (physical) brain cells for you to create new neural pathways to enable you to carry out the steps required. Go on. Prove me wrong. But personally, i'm not holding my breath.

    3. This is the fundamental problem Sabine. People are not Sovereign. And be buggered if they try to hand me THEIR CROWN by saying, "Do it for me... What's a 'right click'... or Where's that..." for the most basic of processes, eg: clicking on a link, or finding Groups to join. I will give you tools and instruction. I Am NOT taking your Crown. That's yours. And you need to learn what it feels like - for you to sit under it, 24/7.

      People have no idea what they're saying when they constantly ask those sorts of questions of other people. They are handing over their Crown... CONSTANTLY, ie: Letting someone else be in charge. People are abdicating their own "thrones"... CONSTANTLY - Their seats of power - their Independence - their own power of Thought - their Autonomy. They give it up, and then someone else makes a golden chair for themselves out of all the "gold" that people have given away to them. Tragic. "She" is sitting on YOUR GOLD folks. You let her BE there. When are you going to start taking it back?

      If people are asking these sorts of questions of me, they're also directing these most basic sorts of questions to others... To "authorities", to teachers, to parents... Questions such as: Can I go in now? Shall I start? Can I put this over here? Do you think I should... (xxx) ? Is it alright? How would they feel about that? ie: seeking approval still, Should I stand up and leave the room when i've been asked to? Will I go in to this other room when I don't want to? Should he be doing this to me? I don't like it. Should I say "No"? Should I tell mummy? Does he really mean he's going to kill me? Would I get into trouble if I told someone? What would happen to me if I stopped being so fucking polite !!!! Should I scream? Who can I get to help me? !!!! What would happen if I called out "HELP" !!!! ????


      This compliance, this very pervasive English "agreeability" - This bumbling "not knowing" if you should, you shouldn't, could, might, maybe... This lack of stepping pp to the plate and STATING to the World Who you ARE, What you WANT, How you NEED things to be done FOR YOU - is "CAUSAL" to why little kiddies are being RAPED in the UK. This "agreeability" and politeness that Britain seems to pride itself in underlies all of this. And you bring your children up in the same way. It is one of the underlying CAUSES of the SYMPTOM OF SICKNESS that Britain has now COLLECTIVELY CREATED !!

      >> PAEDOPHILIA !!

    4. Too damned compliant. Too damn dependent on others. Constantly needing to be affirmed. NO BOUNDARIES. The constant handing over of Personal Sovereignty to "the authorities", etcetera and so on... What about the part where YOU say:

      "I AM. Now YOU [pointing] - FUCK OFF. And YOU - BACK OFF ME NOW !! NOW !!! "

      This is what you are NOT teaching your kids. Their constant EXAMPLE from YOU - in the way you are modelling behaviour to them - is to be passive, polite, quiet and controlled.

      This GRITTY attitude that people in the UK need to grab a hold of will save your kids from UNSPEAKABLE ATROCITIES !!! Otherwise, you will FOREVER be subjugated under The King - or at this time, a paedophile, psychopathic Queen in cahoots with a paedophile, psychopathic Catholic Church - And the wolf in sheep's clothing - the Pope !! (ref: Canada's children's homes, Australia's children's homes, Ireland's children's homes, the US's children's homes)

      We are SO CONDITIONED into this mindset of "Show Me,I can't work it out, I can't do it, i'm so little, i'm so wee, I can't... poor little me... " [Eckhart Tolle] ... that we have become very LAZY THINKERS in the Western World, to the point where we are no longer able to think for ourselves.

      That is my analysis Sabine, i'm very sorry to say.

      I will be very pleased to find people who can undertake my request above - the simple ACTION of: "Join Groups" - 80 of them. You're going to need them... because you don't want to be posting on the same old Groups all the time. And they WILL get sick of you if you do that. So you need a rock solid foundation of Groups under you.

      This is all you have to do. Simple. Message me on Fb once you've done this, and we can begin. Thanks.

    5. May I say Sabine that i'm not going to teach people this for gratis. "The Method" needs one-to-one time to teach people... because everyone has different skills and knowledge of how to use Facebook and different ways of using their pc or device. I give instruction easily in chat, and if needed, on Skype (much faster).

      I taught one of our fellow-Hampstead activist the first few very basic elements of The Method two weeks ago. This instruction took place in a 1-hour Skype session. May I note: My internet bill is horrendous. I have no control over the internet plan as we have three independent users in the household. I end up paying any "additional" because honestly, other people in the house (and I know as well) that it's me who's using all of these Gbs. It's costing me an extra $50 a month to be on here, on top of my normal share of the internet connection - and not to bleat on, but the fact of the matter is that i'm poor and unemployed, so I compensate for my computer use by not buying food every second week. I just live on water and toast.

      .... And what did this man do after I spent an hour teaching him the foundations of carrying out "The Method". Did he go back to his Timeline and start sharing the Hampstead information to Groups? No. He didn't. He immediately went in and started using The Method to enrich himself. He started using it to promotie his OWN business affairs and monetised website :-/ Fortunately, he didn't fully connect with it. And i'm certainly not going back to him to point up his errors. He showed me his absolute LACK OF INTEGRITY.

      So i've decided that i'm not going to do this coaching for free. It won't be expensive either. But i'm not spending an hour with people to teach them and not receive in return. It's untenable.

      As far as putting The Method out publicly? It is not something you can simply broadcast instructions for. I've tried teaching two people and once in the past, and because of different understandings/ knowledge/ perceptions of all parties, we just ended up in a world of trouble. The one who had it the most went backwards because of the one who had it least. People need 1-1 coaching. Sorry. That's the way it is.

      Having me do 1-1 coaching will also prevent people getting these gems who have NO INTEGRITY and who simply want to learn this for their own commercial gain, as we saw above. Sorry. No other way. If people really want to help this Effort and learn how to use these tools, they will make their due contribution. I have also been contributing financially to this effort via GB usage and time spent on here, constantly 10-16 hours a day... and 19 hours on Sunday just gone, I might add. I had lots to write up and send out. Thanks.

  2. don't think you were banned because of using Groups Sabine. It was because you are Who you Are ; ) And the Control System was trying to shut you down.

    Also, I am on Wordpress. It's just that I prefer to use Blogger. I can use both. The back room on blogspot (Blogger) is rather more simple that Wordpress I find, plus you get your analytics for free
    : )


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