Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A post-QAnon, post-apocalyptic world. WW3 is cancelled. The Kabbal is defeated.

What do we do now?

  • But I thought Q was telling the truth
  • Q said, "Trust Sessions". Does that mean now that we can't trust Sessions?
  • I'm confused. I don't know who to believe anymore
  • My family was right - this is just bat-shit craziness
  • But "future was proving past"
  • You're just a shill
  • You've got some "hidden agenda"
  • You just want to ruin everything
  • If I can't believe in Q, who can I believe in?
  • I give up. I don't want to do this anymore. "Conspiracy theories" !!! Nothing is real!
  • But i've spent all this time reading Q posts and listening to videos? Does this mean nothing ????
  • I'm just getting pissed off now. You are telling lies !!
  • I don't care who Q is. I'm still dedicated, and i'm going to follow Q. I don't care who you are and I don't care what you have to say
  • Q... !!!!  Q... !!!!  Come back !!!!  I know you are real
  • Can I live in a post-Q, post-apocalyptic world? Can I? Can I ?????

    Yes you can. 


The journey has been great!  It's been wonderful !!  Take everything you can from your Q experience... EVERYTHING. There is never any waste, of your efforts, or of anyone else's. The time for Q has ended. This was inevitable, right from the inception of Q in the middle of 2017 at the Cicada 3301 conference where Defango first put this suggestion forward - to put cryptic posts out into the world to help awaken the people. There was always going to be an end to the show. It is here. We are here now. 

Don't cry, be confused, or feel shattered. 

Feel grateful that Q came into all of our lives, showed us stuff we otherwise would have never seen. Walk away holding your head high that you were a part of the "Q phenomenon" 2017-2018 - a winter (or summer in the southern hemisphere) that none of us will ever forget.

Q truly has caused a "Great Awakening" ... one that will ripple on throughout the whole world for the next 6 months. And i'm sure the voice of Q (Thomas Schoenberger et al. Board Owners, Reddit owners, Mods & Admins, eg: "Pamphlet", CodeMonkey & TracyBeanz), will continue to call out over the next 6 months or so - for however long there is a Q following. TS et al won't let their created character go too easily. It's earning them a lot of money, and it's earning a lot of Q commentators a lot of money.

Remember: "I was there" !!  We have become awakened, united, wide-eyed and alert. We now know exactly "how evil they really are". We have opened up our hearts for the possibility of truth !!  We would not have been ready before, for the things we are about to see and hear concerning the Clinton-Obama administration and their predecessors since 2001, and even before then. 

We were not ready to hear before. We are ready now. Q has conditioned us. We are ready. We are ready for the "tape" to roll... - and for still shots of Hillary Clinton with Huma Abedin terrifying, mutilating and killing an innocent under-age sex slave. We now truly do know, "They are more evil than you could ever imagine".

Humanity is ready. We are ready

Bring it on !!!!

It's time to put down the popcorn, and engage! It's time to stop watching, and time to start doing. It's time for you to start getting back into your local neighbourhood or community, armed with all of the knowledge you now have - thanks to Q. Knowledge without action becomes stagnant. Be your best self and rise to the task. The Great Awakening continues... The Storm is still upon us. Our real work has only just begun. It's time to wake up "normie" America. It's time for us to wake up the world.


- BronnyNZ

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