Friday, 6 April 2018

Who is running the Q Anon account? Why is CodeMonkey still archiving FAKE Q?

If you're only reading Q posts and Q replies to Anons on  on or on then you're only getting a cherry-picked version of the story - the version that keeps enthroning Q as the fount of all knowledge (definitely untrue). This LARPer (fake) is supported to be there by C!OdeMonkey - who knows damn well by now that things are not adding up !!!!  - That is: If it's the same "codemonkey" (original rendering) who was with Q back in December   ?????

In the following, I provide screenshots (true verification), copy-pastes (translatable for my international audience), and the link of origin. All times are NZ time (my local time) which is 18 hours ahead of EST.

Please thank me for the 4 hours it's taken me to put all of this together by going to the Donate link under "Pageviews" in the right sidebar of this blog. You will notice that this blog is being heavily shadow-banned right now (see graph). Please help out the #GreatAwakening by sharing posts from this blog to help counter this shadow-banning. Thank you so much, Bron.

March 28 @ 22:25:10 - Q Anon says:

Mar 28 2018 22:25:10 (EDT) Anonymous ID: 23de7f 826061
/GA/ is dead.
Check line 119 $4$#$*(
New Board being routed.
Thank you! Patriot.

Mar 28 2018 22:27:50 (EDT) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 23de7f 826106 (replying to the above)

Mar 28 2018 22:20:40 (EDT) Anonymous ID: 39dc4a 825987
Did you see codemonkeys message?

Mar 28 2018 22:22:25 (EDT) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 23de7f 826012  (replying to the above)

/GA/ is dead.

March 29 @ 9:25:54

Mar 28 2018 16:25:54 (EDT) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 24b2f2 822075

/CM/ locked out of /GA/ 
Sniffer detects traces of bypass override.
Layers upon layers.
New approach to silence.
New Board will be created.
Team to secure.
Time to complete 1-2.


!xowAT4Z3VQ  03/29/18 (Thu)  09:30:29 24b2f2 No.822135

We are being attacked on all devices used to talk.
/GA/ is terminated.
/Locked/ - no further posts on /GA/ - /KILL/
Source is abroad.
NOT domestic.

What is the response of an Anon to all this Q LARPing?  (Live Action Role Play = fake). 

Anonymous  03/29/18 (Thu) 09:30:47 94d31c No.822137

>>821975  Just go away. Seriously. We're all good here.

ie: The Anons are well over it. Read the entire board on the link above. You will soon see that the Anons are doing all of the heavy lifting. "Q Anon" (LARP) is just standing around directing traffic and feeding off what the Anons are doing - and giving Anons no credit for the great information they're pulling up. "Q" (fake) has enthroned him/herself as the puppet master. The Anons want done with it. A few (likely younger ones) are still sucked in to the mythos of Q. Most of the Anons see right through it !!!!

Q commentators -  It's time you wake the F** up also !!!!

_ _ _ _ _ 

Reply 4 hours later by C!Odemonkey.  Is this even the same "codemonkey" (original rendering) who ran boards for the first Q drops?

Replying to this:

C!Odemonkey.   8chan Administrator 03/29/18 (Thu) 13:56:17 e20c30 

I did not change any settings. I did not lock you out. I can see from the logs that you have logged into the /greatawakening/ board owner account within the past 24 hours. The user who logged in matches the same hash as the previous hash who has logged in many times before which means your account is unlikely to be compromised.

If you need a password reset, please make a throwaway email address and post it here using your tripcode then I will email you the new password from

>> because evidently... C!OdeMonkey wants every man and his dog to contact him who has already hacked the tripcode... An absolutely insecure line of communication - due to being made so public !!!  *Idiots*

The reply appears like this on the 8chan board >

If you're still a Q follower - and I am particularly addressing people such as Jerome Corsi, Jordan Sather and Isaac Green of "Anti-School" - why aren't you taking note of this?  It's really disappointing to see that the people on YouTube (voice contact is highly effective) aren't seeing through the ruse.  

Please guys... Come on...  

Stop being like the rest of the sheeple !!

You're better than that !!!  

I guess you must enjoy playing "head leeming" and leading everyone over the cliff to their cataclysmic end. Disappointing  :-/  I expected better - especially from our younger commentators out there.  

Corsi is a right-off right from the get-go  >> double agent for the Greater Israel Project who keeps referring to 4chan and 8chan as "the dark net". That's how relevant Corsi's long and meandering interpretations are. He's leading you all astray and taking up the "disposable" hours of your day. Oh right... The epithet "Doctor" had you all fooled, right?  *eye roll*  Nice one.  

šŸ˜‘   #Cucked

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