Saturday, 31 March 2018

BronnyNZ rebuts Jordan Sather over JS shit-slinging AIM's view on FAKE Q.

Hey Jordan - please see articles on my blog and website regarding FAKE Q. You weren't following close enough bro' at the times these hacks happened. Even YOU Jordan admitted that when you replied on my Facebook group of 7000 members.

Oh yeah... I got HEAPS of sauce bro'. FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q until January 4, 2018. LARP possibly CIA since Jan 5.

"No comms outside of this platform" was dropped AFTER January 5 when infiltrator Q had hacked 8chan. You really need to keep up bro'. See what I mean by my comment above when I said you were off to various speaking conventions and Podcast weekends over the New Year, ref: healthy food and SSP stuff. You weren't there hun to see it. Cheers.

Jordan  - YOU think about why "Q" deleted over 100 posts on their Q-only 8ch/greatawakening board in the middle of February. WHY would true Q do that? Are they wanting to disguise the fact that they were only using ONE IP address and one device, whereas before 2017 true Q was using 6 different devices and had a different IP address? I think you'd better do a bunch more research to qualify you to rebut what American Intelligence Media is saying... and "No" - i've never had any contact with AIM and i'm not a part of the AIM "conclave". I am an entirely independent researcher.

Very clearly Jordan, you didn't watch the AIM videos > see "Hot news" and "Video news" on my website. If you did, you'd realize that more than 50% of the questions and claims you are asking and making in your video were already answered.



  1. dont go to sweden ,or any other eu country,i live in eu,u will regret it whole ur life ,greetings

    1. Hey there Unknown. Yes - I agree. When I found out in July 2016 how terrible things are in the EU (especially in Sweden where i'm going), it took me 5 months of ongoing research to decide for sure. I finally submitted my application to immigrate at the end of December 2016. I am going to Sweden under no illusions. The reasons for me going there FAR OUTWEIGH the reasons for not going. There are many great and wonderful things happening in Eastern Europe and Russia right now. I have many wonderful contacts in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia, just to name a few. Please see my blog "Take back your Motherland" >

      Scandinavia IS my Motherland, particularly northern Norway, "Nord Norge". I go by choice to the Motherland of my Swedish partner of 8 years, and to track down my Scandinavian ancestors. eg: A postcard held by the Norwegian National Library dated 1907 is of a woman who is my exact double. When I first saw it, I thought it was me! Her appearance is so close to mine. She is family. I want to track down her descendants in Norway. Therefore: My need to go to Scandiavia/EU is much bigger than my need to remain here in New Zealand. I am not connected to these lands. I am European, particularly Northern, "Norseman". My land is in the far north, in the lands occupied by the Sami.

      I want to go there and learn much more, and if I can, also to help Sami groups with whom I already have contact through Isogaisa and Sjamanistisk Forbund. They are pushing forward right now to have their indigenous rights of language, heritage, culture, dress, folklore, etc, recognised by the 3 northern governments (Norway, Sweden, Finland) in the same way that Maori here in NZ had their cultural rights recognised during the 1980s. I feel I have a lot of NZ's lessons and strategies to share with the people in the North :) Thank you for your concern. Very much appreciated, BronnyNZ aka "Bjarni Brynja" - bear in chainmail. Indeed, I am a fighter! ;)

  2. JS is a cocky little immature twit since Corey Goode/David Wilcock, James Gilliland gave him spotlight.

    1. Hi there Anon. I appreciate your sentiment. Personally: I think Jordan is "indigo" and has definite connections to the interdimensional worlds of ET/IDs. Jordan and myself are very aligned in any matters along these lines. However, just because he is "connected" (as I am), that doesn't make him an expert into every area that he dabbles. Jordan is no expert on Q. He is in and out of Q and doesn't follow closely. That's where Jordan and I differ. I was immersed in Q from early November right through until the end of February. Q posts and moderating on my group of 7000 was all I did all day every day up to 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3.5 months. Jordan did not. He was all over the place doing his own grove, as we do. All I say to Jordan (with respect) is: You're not qualified to commentate on Q. You weren't there to see what was going on.


    2. Please see my article published November 16, 2012 "On Board an Arcturian Light Ship - an experience". My connection with these beings continues. They are of the light and are light - the same as humans. We've simply "forgotten" who we are. Thanks >


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