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Hi there all !!

It's been a little crazy on this side of the computer screen. My apologies for taking so long to get my first "weekly" email to you. It is neither "weekly" nor is it "brief". Let's see if I can do a little better in the future  ;)

Firstly, thank you to over 100 people who have signed up for emails or who have joined the Forum on my new website. Thank you so much for continuing your connection with me. I hugely appreciate this. 

Secondly, I have been working hard to make the website look nice. I have very crappy website "styling" skills, but I think the appearance now is much better than when you first saw it, 2-3 weeks ago. There is still a lot of room for improvement !!  Drop in and check out developments. If you have any website styling tips to help me out, I would love to hear your creative inputs. I need your help !!  ;)

I have a new section on the site called "Hot news" that i'm sure you'll want to check out. The hot topic headlining right now is "Fake Q". I've got quite a lot to say on this topic.

If you were on the original "QAnon QClearance" Facebook group, you will know how I was so suspicious about the Q posts coming through after the hack at the beginning of January. It turns out my suspicions were entirely justified. See my article: "FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q until January 4, 2018. LARP possibly CIA since Jan 5" in 'Print news'. It shows you what happened behind the scenes in private on January 6, 2018. These revelations confirm my own awareness of the subterfuge that happened at that time.

Please also see the video featured in "Hot news" entitled "DO NOT trust Sessions". This gives you a lot more of the background reasons why we should not be trusting the current Q who took over on January 5.

I would say that most of you will be very interested in looking at this information. Please see the sections "Hot news", "Video news feed" and "Print media news feed" for all the background on this. It's a very big picture. This is where I have spent most of my time in the last fortnight. I've only popped my head out of the conspiracy rabbit hole right now. I've now joined enough of these dots and wanted to share my findings with you asap. 

To get the real birds-eye view on the "Fake Q" topic, you will need to look at my SES videos and posts. The SES story is all part and parcel of you being able to understand why this is very likely a Q infiltrator. The SES story shows you the motivations of why it was so important for the CIA and SES to keep the Q story going. Primarily - distraction. Secondarily - Mind Control. MK ultra CIA mind control tactics makes everyone "biddable" and "persuadable". Have you fallen so far down the Fake Q rabbit hole that it will take you months to see the truth?  I hope not.

Your experience is your experience. Please do what you will with my information. I have no attachment whatsoever to your experience. If you want to remain a "follower", so be it. The alternative as my article points out, is to listen to your own heart. The choice is yours.

Please see all the American Intelligence Media videos I have posted in Video news - even though that name might be 'mud' to you right now. AIM are the ones who have put out these excellent videos covering the SES information. Please see my MAPS on the SES (on my blog) to see how the SES power-game is played. You are sure to be surprised, as was I.

I have created a number of blog articles on these topics on Co-creating Our New Earth and in other places on the website. As you can tell, this is very serious stuff. Whoever it is who has been play-acting as Q has committed treason against The People and against POTUS. Yeah... It's really that serious. January 5 Q is no friend to you and me. He/they are usurpers. Their purpose: To lead you up "Mr McGregor's" garden path and lock you in the tool shed where you will be lulled into a false sense of security. From that place, you take no action. You give your whole beLIEf to those fatal words, "Trust the plan" - and then you go back to eating popcorn: Impotent spectators once again, just like before.

Please do consider that right now, the Q you have been listening to ever since January 5, 2018 is very likely an impersonator. Very likely. You will need to read the conversation between 8chan board admins "The Board Owner" and "CodeMonkey" to see the "insider" point of view on the matter. And then you will understand what happened.

I am currently not on Facebook. Last time I was on there was around 2 weeks ago. Facebook want mobile phone number confirmations from me since they detected "suspicious activity" on my account - namely, inviting Friend Requests. Apparently, its dodgy behavior to ask 4 people to become your Friend !!!  :-/  Same old, same old for BronnyNZ. I'm fighting a losing battle there. Please find me on my non-MSSM outlets in "Contact" on the website.

The New Zealand cell phone network dropped its 2G capabilities on March 10 so my old non-trackable Nokia no longer works. I have been avoiding buying a smartphone that tracks my every movement, for obvious reasons. New Zealand is part of the 5-eyes network. I really don't want to be spied on 24-7 by the NSA. The NZ GCSB can't spy on NZ'ers, so they leave that dirty work up to their other 4 overseas agencies to spy on us. You now see my reluctance. It's a "Jack and the giant" story. This is the underlying reason why I have been absent from Facebook for the last fortnight. ie: "It's complicated".

Ok. That's me. I think we've caught up on 3 weeks news. Please enjoy getting your head around all the SES and Fake Q information for the next fortnight or so. See if you come to the same conclusions as me.

In my closing moments, I ask a favor...

Since i'm off Facebook indefinitely, I would appreciate for people on this mailing list to continue supporting me by sharing articles and information from my new website, my existing blogs and even this email onto your Facebook groups, Timelines and Pages. I appreciate your support hugely. I say, "Thank you" in advance.

Much love to all. I hope you're all having a great Easter-Ishtar weekend  :)  


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