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Swedish Nationalism: European nations rise against Muslim Sharia attitudes

"Legio Gloria"

Marcus Follin (Facebook link) aka "The Golden One" (YouTube link) aka "The Glorious Lion" (Instagram link) is the guy who coined the phrase "Legio Gloria".  The vision of "Legio Gloria" belongs to Marcus.

He is the guy doing weights and kick-boxing training with the young men around him, and motivating 'every day' people like myself to find their "optimal gloriousness".  Marcus lives in Stockholm Sweden, but his heart is so big that he embraces all of Europe.

Please get to know Marcus by going to his social media outlets and watching his videos...
He's a very, very nice guy.

Marcus on Imgrum (date unknown)

Marcus said:  "I have gone full Viking mode for optimal glory! 👑💪🌳  Incredibly epic t-shirt via @nordic_wear  Now I will go to the Temple and pray for additional leg strength!"

Note: by "temple", Marcus is referring to the "Temple of Iron" which belongs to Thor... aka, the gym.


A commentary of the current situation in Sweden

by BronnyNZSE 

Here are the hard nuts and bolts of the matter brothers and fair maidens... Since the flood of refugees have been let into Sweden - mainly men from non-conflict zones I hasten to add - the rape of and brutal rape and murder of Swedish women and children has increased by 500% - 1000% in that country. That is what unimpeded socialism and "egalitarian" brain-washing has done for the country. It has torn women and young children up inside. One brutal gang rape of a Swedish woman who was aged in late 20s, by 30 Muslim men raping her anally, orally and vaginally simultaneously, has put this poor woman into a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Do you want more incidents like this? If you don't, please read on...

It is the women all over Europe who stood with banners in 2015 saying: "We welcome refugees". It is now the women and children who are paying the price for that welcome in beatings, torn vaginas and little boys' ruptured anuses. This is the truth of the matter! This is the price of a blind egalitarian socialistic mindset that doesn't know how to ask the right questions, such as:
"If Muslims hold the prophet Mohammed up as their sublime example, and Mohammed took a "wife" aged 6 when he was a 50 year old man, will Muslim men also think it is their right to take my 5, 6, 7-year-old daughter and rape her also?"

The answer is "Yes". They do, and they have been doing exactly this in Sweden where it is so "liberal" that women can't even see what their "liberal" attitudes have led to. They are still in denial.


This is also the purpose of the Facebook discussion group >>

Evropa Invictus: Shield maidens for "Europe the unconquerable"

The above group is primarily to help give Swedish and European women an education into the true state of your nations. Women from other countries are most welcome. You will be able to give the "out of Europe" point of view on many issues.  eg:  What is "racism"?  In Sweden, it is illegal to report about the ethnicity of a perpetrator in your news outlets. That's why you don't know what's going on in your own country. And that is an absolute travesty.

How can you know how to protect yourself if you don't know what the danger is and what situations to avoid? For heaven's sakes... there were 500 rapes (including gang rapes upon young girls or women), happen every week in Sweden during June and July (summer) in 2015 !! That is horrendous !! I don't know what the statistics are for this year - presumably quite a lot less since nearly every family in Sweden have been affected by this rape of Swedish women and children on such a grand scale... so now, people will be avoiding certain situations and locations.

A huge majority of those perpetrators were Muslim men. Unidentified by the Swedish press. Go to UK, Australian and USA outlets, and you will easily find the true story. And you still think these bastards should be allowed to remain in your country ?? Think again. It's time Sweden booted them out !!  No "buts".  No excuses.  Depravity is depravity.  A crime is still a crime, whether perpetrated by a dark-skinned man, a "refugee" or not!  It's time to stop feeling sorry for these criminals !!

Please feel free to join the Facebook groups for "Legio Gloria" I have linked below. I have created a separation by gender for these two "Legio Gloria" groups because men's and women's discussions and focus will very likely take a different course. We want for both gender to discuss openly on their groups -  eg: the men may want to swear more, talk frankly about fapping (masturbation) and show off their muscles in their photos, more than women might want to.  They need the space to be able to do those things, without a woman's voice crawling all over them, telling them they are "wrong".  Also:  The women will likely have represented a mix of  "third wave" Feminists and ardent Socialism backers, so those conversations may just be pure irritation for men.

This is why i've separated these groups this way.  If you would like to engage politely on the "other" gender's group, please feel free to make a Member Request on either group.  There are no 'rules'. Simply, your polite engagement is what is called for. I am the administrator and creator of both these groups. I take any future direction of these groups from Marcus, should he wish to give any.

Thank you so much.
Enjoy shifting your paradigms!

- from Bron

Men's group - Evropa Invictus: Lion hearts of "Europe the unconquerable"

Women's group - Evropa Invictus: Shield maidens for "Europe the unconquerable"

Image - Lagertha from "Vikings"

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